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The Heart Of The Astral Mind

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Meditation, to my mind, is feeling through all the shells and just sharing that intimate place with your heart. For just a few moments. Letting go of the grasp of condition—and just being. And it feels good. Not because it must; but rather because it does.

Now doing this a couple to a few times a day enables a subtle shift in your consciousness. When you sleep, for instance, you're not as drunk. The anaesthesia is less pronounced, and the cogs of your consciousness spark into alertness more often. They 'grab' at your mind occasionally, oxygenating lucidity, presenting cracks that allow flashes of light to the mind.

What if the so-called sleep state was not meant to be a delirious fall into exhaustion and lost mind. What if our dream bodies were meant to be just that: the dreamers of our reality, the manifestors of creation. What if that conscious ability has subtly been programmed out of us.

Yet simply through tuning into the very heart of our being a switch is flicked...

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