Reiki Level 2 Course

Reiki Level 2 Course​ 

Where   Bardon, QLD 4065


  • Group Course (3-4 people) 2 Days - 10:00am-4pm both days. Dates to be updated regularly.

  • Private Course (1-2 people) 5-6 hours. Contact me to arrange times.

Next Group Course Dates:

  • To be announced

 Next Private Course Dates (with openings still available):

Receive the Reiki Practitioner attunements, and further open yourself to the flow of universal life energy that is reiki. This level is usually done at least 3 months after having been attuned to reiki 1.
Join me for this transformative and highly practical weekend course where you will delve deeper into the magic and power of reiki. You'll gain further experience and techniques in working with the energy, as well as learning how to channel and send distant healings. You'll learn the reiki symbols and how to integrate them into treatments as well as your life. Reiki 2 is known as the practitioner level, where you will learn how to conduct treatments in a professional setting and presentable modality. You will also receive your own reiki 2 manual and the level 2 certificate. This course is limited to 4 people only, and is a personalised, enjoyable and deeply transformative experience. It will run from 9:30am-4pm each day.

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What a brilliant Reiki course, Greg! I was constantly amazed over the two days how information and insights, from all different areas of learning throughout my life, came together so effortlessly in the vessel that is reiki. It was a very comforting and energy filled weekend with lovely people. I really appreciate your care and understanding and ability to intuitively address areas of interest. It was a completely engaging experience, I'd recommend it to anyone. A heartfelt thanks to you and Monika for providing beautiful space for us to explore reiki. —Cherie, Brisbane

I am sooo loving Reiki. Thank you so much for passing it on! Its like I have found my purpose when I'm giving. —Jenny, Sunshine Coast 

Greg is an absolutely AMAZING teacher, mentor and healer! I have been going to Greg for reiki for over a year now and my experiences with him have been nothing short of MAGICAL and SO MUCH MORE than I’ve encountered anywhere else. I have also completed my reiki level 1 and 2 training with him and highly recommend Greg if you are interested in learning this beautiful healing modality. He is one of the most unique, genuine, joyful, thoughtful and compassionate souls I have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. If you haven’t had a healing session with Greg yet please do yourself a favour and book in to see him ASAP! I cannot recommend this man and his potent medicine enough!! —Georgia, Brisbane

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Please bring your own lunch. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

  • Next Group Course Dates: To be announced.
  • Wanting a Private Course? Contact me now to arrange a suitable time or see above for open spots.  
Bardon QLD 4065 *address given upon booking.

$550 per person (remember to click on time in the booking process).
This Group Course is limited to 4 people only. Book online now to ensure your place. 

For more information on the course contact Greg.
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