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“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.”                                                                                                - Mahatma Gandhi

Meditation as a key to calm, clarity and well-being in the workplace.

The individual is the lifeblood of your company. Inspiration, innovation and creativity—your breath. For thousands of years meditation has assisted humans in finding clarity. For one simple reason: It works. Let me guide your team into this space of rejuvenation and well-being. I offer simple yet highly effective workplace meditations from 20 minutes through to an hour. Free trial offers are also available.


And it's not just about feeling good. It's also about your bottom line...


Some of the many proven benefits of meditation in the workplace include:


  • Clarity and focus

  • Enhanced intuition

  • Improved communication

  • Increased employee loyalty

  • Decreased absenteeism due to illness

  • Increased productivity

Decisions in the workplace have to be made. Every time we encounter a perceived obstacle to fullfilling our goals, we face stress. The "flight or fight" state is an acute stress response that can adversely affect the general effectiveness of the immune system. If employees are busy merely trying to survive, their ability to think clearly and respond accordingly will be greatly compromised. Anxiety, insommnia, loss of inspiration and drive are all signs that stress is taking its toll. 

As clarity and the ability to focus on goals are crucial to any business, meditation is a well-researched and powerful tool to restoring inner calm and peace to the individual as well as flowing on to positively impact the performance of the business as a whole.


Drawing on my experience as an energy healer I also offer Energy Balancing Sessions in the workplace. In just ten minutes you'll feel more balanced, centred and refreshed. These can be done one-on-one either in a chair or on a treatment table.  

If you would like a free trial or want to know more about the Workplace Wellness Packages that I offer, please fill out the contact form below or give me a call on 0466 188 998.