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Manage stress, increase productivity, and reduce the risk of burnout


Over 70% of Australians say stress impacts their health.


In fact, stress is costing the Australian economy nearly $15 billion per year.


What’s more, the World Health Organisation now formally recognises burnout as an “occupational phenomenon.”


This means three things:
1) Stress can’t be ignored

2) Burnout is work related

3) Businesses need efficient solutions to promote employee well-being


I can help.


Meditation for workplace wellness

Work is stressful. But there are ways to manage and prevent that stress from sabotaging your business goals. Many of today’s high-performing businesses turn to meditation. And for good reason.


Meditation can help you:

  • Reduce and manage stress and anxiety

  • Improve memory capacity

  • Focus on tasks and goals

  • Increase your energy

  • Improve your ability to make crucial decisions

  • Become more patient and tolerant

  • Improve sleep quality

Drawing from 20 years experience, I help individuals and teams prevent and manage workplace stress, and increase productivity through guided meditation. Within just ten minutes, you’ll feel more balanced, centred, and refreshed.

Group sessions


Regular group meditation can help increase productivity, and reduce the risk of presenteeism and absenteeism in your workplace. It’s also a great team-building exercise.


Group sessions can be run from your place of work, and are customised to the needs of your team.


I service small business to large corporate offices in the greater Brisbane area.


Get in touch to discuss your wellness goals, and request a quote. Because happy people are productive people.

Individual sessions


Sessions are run from my studio in Bardon, Brisbane, and can be done in a chair or on a treatment table.


60 min session: $110



I find his meditations to be second to none

for putting yourself into a relaxed state of being."

Karen A - Brisbane

Take action towards managing your workplace stress:

For bookings & enquires just fill out the contact form below or give me a call on 0466 188 998.

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