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Reiki Master Level 

Reiki Master Level 

Where   Bardon, QLD 4065

When    10 x 3hr sessions over a period of approximately 5 months, at times to suit (+ level 1&2 training attendance).

Next Course Dates:

Whenever you're ready...

Contact me to get started!

The reiki master level is the highest level in reiki training, as well as being known as the teacher level. It's a highly personalised process and conducted for the most part one-on-one. It is for those of you who wish to pass on this energy to others, both as a healer and teacher. 

During the mastership you'll receive the master attunements, further attuning you to sense and channel the reiki stream of healing energy. You'll learn how to attune others through all the reiki levels, including the master level itself. You'll receive the master manual, the reiki 1 and 2 manuals (digitally, so you can tailor them to your own style for teaching), and also learn how to conduct and teach the reiki level courses yourself. 

Fundamental to the mastership level, is self exploration and healing. You'll receive reiki healings from me over the duration of the course, to better come into touch with your higher aspects and purpose, identifying and releasing blocks along the way. You'll also practice channeling reiki yourself, being shown advanced, effective techniques as well as guidance as to how to conduct reiki sessions in a professional manner and setting.
You'll assist me in at least one of my level 1 & 2 trainings to help you gain insight, experience and confidence in holding future courses yourself. 

Above all, I'll be there to guide you through this wonderful and fully transformative experience, including any guidance you may need after the offical course end. My own process of mastership was over a 2 year period in Victoria, where I was an apprentice to my reiki master at the time, assisting her in many of the courses she taught. I don't believe this extended time period is absolutely necessary for you to undergo but I do believe it has nevertheless put me in the best possible standing to serve my clients and students. 
Having been a reiki master since 2005, I'm in constant awe and wonder at the transformations I witness in these courses. It's such a joy and honour to pass on this beautiful modality to you at the master level!

If you feel this journey is right for you now, call or contact me for more details. 

Click here for more information on reiki, and here for more on the courses.
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Today was a very special day for me. I completed my Reiki Masters Training with the amazing Greg Doyle. I am so grateful for his guidance and support over the last 6months. My heart is bursting with the love of Reiki and the yearning to train others in this wonderful art of healing. I feel healed, whole and complete. I am so excited for this new chapter of my life... 

Thank you to my Reiki clients, friends and family who have encouraged me to take it on—you know who you are! Thank you Greg. —Jenny, Sunshine Coast 

Reiki levels 1 & 2 
  • 8-10 x 3hr sessions over a period of approximately 4 months, at times to suit. 
  • Attendance at at least one level 1 & 2 training days.
  • A lifetime's support & guidance.
Bardon QLD 4065.

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