NOVEMBER 15, 2019


What is Astral Travel? With Jason Hawes & JV Johnson from Beyond Paranormal Podcast.

OCTOBER 12, 2019


Discussing all things astral (and more) with The Catalyst's Chanelle O'Hare.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2019


Talking Astral Realms, Entities, Energies and More with the inimitable Joe Rupe from Lighting The Void Radio.

OCTOBER 2, 2018


How to get out-of-body and explore the astral realms, a podcast with fellow astral traveler—Flipside host and great guy—Joshua Tongol.

JULY 12, 2018


Discussing Astral Protection & Cosmic Consciousness with the wonderful Karen Swain from Awakening Consciousness.

JUNE 21, 2018


Enlightened Conversations with Michelle Lightworker. Talking astral travel and more.

MAY 20, 2018


Chatting about all things astral with Joe Rupe from Spaced Out Radio in the US.

APRIL 14, 2018


Loved this chat with the boys from Grimerica Radio, Canada. Talking astral realms & travel & more...

Interview begins at 24:55.

July 10, 2017 


Join me in a conversation on things astral and more with the wonderful JoJo on Noosa Fm.

Mar 21, 2017 (published)


Let me share with you on a Cosmic Voyage of Astral Travel. Talk hosted by Afterlife Discussions QLD.

Mar 18, 2017


Click on the cover of ODDITIES Magazine Issue 13 to read an interview with Sharon Rowland. 

Dec 16, 2016


I  share my experiential knowledge of astral projection at the wonderful Paradigm Shift Summit, Gold Coast 2016.

Nov 13, 2014


Talking with Jesse Anne George Nicholls on "Activating Compassion Radio" about releasing fears associated with the astral experience and a lot more. The interview proper begins around 23 minutes in.

Aug 1, 2014


Briony Goldsmith from Simply Wellbeing talks to me about what astral traveling actually is and what we can learn and bring back from these experiences on J-Air community radio Melbourne. Part 1 & 2

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