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Generate profound trance and meditation states ideal for deepening your personal and spiritual development practices

Meditation • Lucid Dreaming • Astral Projection • Energy Work • Wellbeing • Relaxation • Sleep Channelling • Remote Viewing Manifestation • Shamanic Journeying • Psychic Development • Brainwave Entrainment • Automatic Writing • Creative Visualisation • Self-Hypnosis • Past Life Regression and More

Introducing the PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machine

A powerful neuro-stimulating light device, PandoraStar is designed to train your brain, expand your mind and assist you in exploring consciousness. PandoraStar facilitates any brainwave state from 0.1 Hz to 200 Hz with its unique sequencing and stroboscopic light array, creating infinite possibilities for deep level entrainment and meditative spiritual practices.

Abstract Blue Light

​You close your eyes and lay back. A warm glow, reminiscent of the sun welcomes you. The white light flickers and flashes and your mind begins to create “shapes and colors." Immersed in a kaleidoscope of patterns, breath by breath, you let go and any stress melts away. You feel your body deeply relaxing. 30 or so minutes later, the light gently fades. You feel clear, focused, relaxed and inspired.​


The PandoraStar offers the benefits of a very deep meditation, through accessing an expanded state of consciousness almost immediately. The light stimulates temporary harmonic brain wave patterns usually only found in the brains of people who have been meditating for decades. The light helps the user access the Theta state as well as high Alpha patterns, often associated with joy, intuition, creativity and high concentration.

With a series of regular sessions on the light (a series of at least 5 is recommended for optimum benefits) you can literally train your brain to reach this optimal state at will. Even after one session it is easier to drop into a state of deep meditation as your brain knows where it’s going.

Physical Benefits Reduced anxiety and stress. Release of beneficial hormones related to health and longevity. Improved physical healing.

Emotional Benefits Reduced fear and depression. Great impact for people with both seasonal affective disorder and other types of depression.

Unlock Yourself Sense of wholeness / oneness Increased sense of inner peace and emotional stability Access to Astral travels and inner journeying Increased intuition

Unlock Your Creativity Increased creativity

The Light
The highly programable software included with the device allows you to experience the light in a number of dynamic ways, creating fast and reliable brainwave entrainment for a wide range of practices including:
  • Deep Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Astral Projection
  • Creative Visualisation
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • And More...

The 5 Brainwaves

Physical Relaxation

1. Beta (14 - 40 Hz) - The Thinking Wave

Beta is our alert 'working' or 'thinking' state, however it is also responsible for stress and anxiety. The majority of adults operate in Beta on a daily basis, so it's little surprise that stress is today's most common health problem.

Beta Waves - Brainwave Entrainment Benefits:

  • The beta wave is the predominant frequency when we are fully awake and alert.

  • Active awareness directed to the outer world.

  • Beta brainwaves are present during stress, paranoia, worry, bipolar disorder, anger, fear, and anxiety.

  • They are also present during hunger, depression, irritability, and moodiness.

  • Insomnia is the result of producing excessive beta waves.

  • Associated with excessive mind chatter and self-destructive impulses.

  • Too much time in the beta state weakens the immune system.

  • Beta brainwaves make up much of our conscious mind.

2. Alpha (7.5 - 14 Hz) - The Relaxing Wave

Alpha is our relaxed and creative state occurring when we begin to meditate, daydream and use our imagination. Alpha waves usually come in quick bursts (that 'AHA!' moment) heightening our memory, learning and concentration.

Alpha Waves - Brainwave Entrainment Benefits:

  • The alpha state is where meditation and relaxation begins.

  • We start to encounter the wealth of effortless creativity flowing just beneath our conscious state.

  • We experience alpha waves when we are focused yet deeply relaxed.

  • Studies have shown the alpha state has been associated with “peak performance.” Elite athletes produce alpha brainwaves prior to highly concentrated performance (shooting a free throw, hitting an important golf shot). Amateur athletes produce more of the anxious beta brainwaves. 

  • In the alpha state we learn, process, memorise and recollect large sums of information fast and with peak effectiveness.

  • Highly creative people have been shown to have "bursts" of alpha waves when they have good ideas.

  • Alpha waves are thought to make the brain "act young" again.

  • In the alpha state fears, habits, and phobias begin to melt away.

  • Alpha brainwaves bring an effortless sense of comfort, peace, happiness, and harmony.

  • Alpha waves are best for "super learning".

  • Alpha waves dominate the first layer of our subconscious mind.

  • A gateway to deeper states of awareness.

3. Theta (4 - 7.5 Hz) - The Dream Wave

Theta waves begin during deep meditation and light sleep where REM occurs. Theta state can be thought of as the gateway to the subconscious mind, appearing briefly as we drift off to sleep, and when we access our deepest memories and emotions.

Theta Waves - Brainwave Entrainment Benefits:

  • Theta brainwaves become prominent when we go deeper into meditation and relaxation — “almost trance-like”.

  • Here, brain activity decelerates to the threshold of the sleep stage.

  • One of the more indescribable and wonderful realms we can explore.

  • Theta waves produce flashes of creative visualisation through vivid imagery.

  • In the theta state we feel much more open and connected to other people.

  • People often report a feeling of floating while producing theta brainwaves.

  • The theta state heightens problem-solving skills.

  • Having dominant theta brainwaves are correlated with insight and intuition.

  • Associated with lucid dreaming.

  • Theta waves bring inspired thought and increased motivation.

  • Sometimes long-forgotten memories come to the surface.

  • Children have strong theta brainwaves, which helps to explain their superior ability to learn.

  • Theta waves are briefly experienced as we climb out of the depths of delta upon waking, or when falling asleep. 

  • The theta state is the deeper subconscious to unconscious part of the mind.

4. Delta (0.5 - 4 Hz) - The Healing Wave

Delta waves are very slow, occurring during deep sleep to assist the body in healing and regenerating - hence why not having enough deep sleep is detrimental for our health.

Delta Waves - Brainwave Entrainment Benefits:

  • Delta waves are the deepest level of meditation.

  • The delta state is associated with “no thinking” during deep, dreamless sleep.

  • Delta brainwaves are very rewarding.

  • Delta waves are said to be the entrance to non-physical states of reality.

  • A crucial state for renewal, healing, and rejuvenation.

  • The immune system strengthens in the delta state.

  • Delta waves are linked to the unconscious part of our mind.

  • Many scientists believe delta waves to be the most beneficial.

5. Gamma (40+ Hz) - The Intuition Wave

Gamma is the most recent brainwave discovery, operating even faster than Beta to generate bursts of insight and process high-level information. During Gamma state, all regions of the brain seem to "work together" boosting memory, attention and intelligence.

Gamma Waves - Brainwave Entrainment Benefits:

  • Once dismissed as "brain noise," gamma brainwaves have quickly gained ground within scientific circles.

  • The brain's fastest activity, scientists have discovered that advanced meditators / monks produce gamma brainwaves in abundance.

  • Our senses are dramatically heightened when we produce gamma brainwaves, deepening our perception of reality.

  • This is the main brainwave when we're intensely focused & engaged — like solving a super difficult problem or creating a unique work of art.

  • Active when we're in a state of "universal love" / feeling deeply connected to everyone & everything / "at one with all".

  • Neuroscientists believe that gamma brainwaves link & transmit information between all brain regions.

  • People with plentiful gamma score high on the happiness, creativity, compassion, and intelligence (IQ) scales.

  • In the gamma state our brain is effectively "supercharged" with its improved cognition, vivid memory recall, enhanced learning ability, and quick information processing.

  • Found abundantly in high-achieving, high-impact people. The ultimate brainwave of world-transforming visionaries.

Interestingly, a 2008 study by the University of Wisconsin has discovered elevated Gamma wave activity in the brains of Tibetan Monks. Trained musicians also show superior Gamma synchronicity whilst listening to music—another form of calm but intense focus.

Brainwave Entrainment - What's it all about?

Brainwave entrainment techniques have been practiced since antiquity, as many traditional indigenous ceremonies and shamanic rituals are known to induce hypnotic states with rhythmic drumming and flickering lights (fire).


With EEG technology, Adrian & Matthews (1934) were the first to scientifically validate that brainwaves can be 'entrained' to a rhythmic stimulus. They found that when the brain is stimulated with pulses of light, it responds by synchronizing its electrical activity to that frequency as the impulse travels from the eye to the Thalamus (responsible for processing sensory information and regulating consciousness).

The implications of brainwave entrainment on a person's quality of life are immense, including the ability to induce highly beneficial, extremely pleasurable states of deep meditation, quickly, safely, and easily.

Here are just some of the programs you can experience 
under the lights of the PandoraStar:


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Improved quality of sleep / Calm awareness / Stress relief / Potential improved astral travel / Lucid dream practice
Frequency: SMR (12-15 Hz) and mid-high Theta

More than a sleep sequence. Welcome to INSOMNIA, the PandoraStar session designed to improve not just the quality of your sleep, but also the quality of your body and mind connection and response to stress.

SMR stands for Sensorimotor Rhythm which is its own subset of brainwave patterns typically between 12 and 15 Hz (low Beta). SMR is like the idle in a car. It is the point at which you are aware but relaxed and able to handle whatever comes your way. And SMR very quickly becomes Alpha when you close your eyes and begin to relax. Without this range of frequencies, the potential is for an almost manic depressive lifestyle, i.e. a person is either on a high or on a low and struggles to just be balanced.


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Enhanced trance state, wellbeing, visual stimulation, energy creation 
Frequencies: 111 Hz, 7.83 – 6.84 Hz (shifting) 

Welcome to AURORA-3; a journey of space and time through the interplay of Theta and Hypergamma.

This session is an experience of drifting consciousness with movement, colour and waves of approaching Hypergamma light pulses to wake up the higher states of your mind while sending you into a hypnagogic trance state where the unconscious and conscious parts of the mind start to communicate.

Hypergamma, although less commonly measured, is reported to promote feelings of wellbeing, empathy and kindness. And as an extension of Gamma itself, Hypergamma brings with it the possibilities of creative thinking and enhanced trance states.


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Motivation, creativity, uplifting, visual experience
Frequencies: Various Beta and Alpha, plus 14Hz, Gamma 

Idea creation, flow states and feeling good are likely results and used with intention will promote getting things done. Or you can just choose to enjoy the sequence without any intention and have a nice trip. 


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Increase Heart Rate Variability (HRV)/Anti stress and anxiety/Reduce hypertension/Relaxation
Frequencies: 10Hz, 13.5Hz plus visual metronome for breathing 

HRV or Heart Rate Variability, is a measure of the hearts ability to change its beating pattern and speed quickly and continuously, and is considered an important marker of heart and overall health. Do both this breathing pattern and the PandoraStar HRV-X sequence together and notice how dramatically different you feel.


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Learning/skill acquisition/memory recall/cognitive boost/creativity 
Frequencies: 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 40, 44, 60, 78, 100 Hz 

Use before, during or after you intend to learn new material or just as a cognitive boost for thinking or being creative.


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Grounded higher consciousness / cognition boost / Hyper meditation 
Frequencies: 0.2Hz, 2Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz — 40Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, 200Hz (Epsilon/Delta/Theta — Gamma/Hypergamma/Lambda) 

This sequence seeks (within the limitations of entrainment) to aid in creating a brainwave double torus by having two different flows of brainwave energy going in opposite directions and repeating. Each cycle of flow is faster than the one before.The result is a state with high cognitive focus and insight but equally relaxed and grounded in physicality. Quite a profound feeling!


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Pain relief/ stress relief/ Mental clarity 
Frequencies: (PF1) 10Hz, 2.5Hz, 0.1Hz  (PF2) 200Hz, 13.33Hz 

PAINFREE has proven effective for pain and headaches. 

PAINFREE-2 is likely to be useful not only in its own right, but if anxiety or depression are present with the pain.


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Spiritual connection and insight / Letting go / Profound relaxation / Cognitive enhancement / Psychedelic (SPIRIT-2 only) 
Frequencies: 200Hz / 40Hz / 10Hz / 0.2Hz / +visual cocktail (SPIRIT-2 only) 

Take a deep dive into higher consciousness!

Relax profoundly and completely into Epsilon frequencies before moving into the frequencies of Gamma and Lambda where higher consciousness and altered states meet deep levels of trance. Connection to inspiration, and potentially spontaneous OBE, astral travel and Lucid dream experiences.


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Calm but alert / Serotonin release / Memory recall / Mood regulation
Frequency: 10 Hz 

10 Hz Alpha is one of those frequencies that gets used most often in studies and is therefore most commonly given credit for a number of beneficial effects like memory recall, pain relief, mood enhancement, hormone regulation such as serotonin, light meditative states, stress relief and more.


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Neural cleansing / Microglia (brain immunity) stimulation / Cognitive enhancement / Cognitive degeneration prevention / Pain relief (BF + Increased blood flow in the brain providing more oxygen and nutrients / Grounding / DMT)
Frequency: 40 Hz, 2.5 Hz (BF + 7.83 Hz, 39.15 Hz, and a short DMT splash)

BRAIN DETOX and BRAIN FOOD are a two-pronged approach towards mental ageing and decline based on two of the most promising routes to a healthy ageing brain. BRAIN FOOD sequence has the addition of maximising cerebral/brain blood flow, plus has a little extra time in each beneficial state with added 7.83 Theta and a tasty two-minute visual ending to stimulate brain activity and boost mood.

The intention of these sequences is to induce a brainwave state comparable to deep sleep where the reported brain detoxing occurs, and also to stimulate the brains own immune system to prevent cognitive decline in people prone to it or those getting older.


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Abundance creation / Wealth manifestation
Frequency: 4 Hz, 10 Hz

Ready to change your life for the better?

WEALTH is a new program created by Skylar Acamesis, to help give you more power over your financial decisions, uncover your confidence and motivation, feel like you are in charge of your own worth and financial destiny, and to release your true potential.

Let this program along with the synchronised hypnosis audio, help you step into the beautiful, abundant being that you really are. Wealth building is a skill, and the more you practice, the easier it gets. Change your mindset, take guided action, and watch your wealth consciousness blossom.


PandorsStar light sessions_edited.png

Purpose: Psychedelic / Wellbeing / Hormone regulation
Frequency: Mixed visual, 111.00 Hz, 1.05 Hz

Enjoy and let yourself go with the emotion.

111.00 Hz – Hypergamma, a frequency related to feelings of empathy and wellbeing.

1.05 Hz – Low Delta, a frequency that mimics the brain state of, and potentially increases the release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone – the anti-ageing and recovery hormone) that is lacking in many people, especially those who find it difficult to sleep well.

Keen to try it for yourself?
Why not try not one of the PandoraStar Packages below...

One Session


Experience the lights of the PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machine

60 min session

Three Sessions


Go deeper into the lights of the PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machine

3 x 60 min sessions

Six Sessions


Immerse yourself in the lights of the PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machine

6 x 60 min sessions

As the New Dawn of Humanity rises, perhaps certain technologies can actually help us wake to our fuller potential. I believe the PandoraStar is one such tool.

I've personally gained so many insights, deep meditative states, and wonderfully rejeuvenative sleeps from its lights and continue to be so amazed and in wonder at its effect. It is, after all, light.

I invite you to come and immerse yourself, and feel the benefits for yourself.

You may even just love it...

For bookings & enquires just fill out the contact form below or give me a call on 0466 188 998.
Remember, you can also book directly online, below right or at the above links.

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