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Awakening the Giant Within
A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms


A cross between Eckhart Tolle and Harry Potter, this book fascinated and challenged me. It is beautifully written, captivating and very accessible. I found it quite unputdownable and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.


                                                           - EBJ on

Greg Doyle is able to leave his body...

Awakening the Giant Within is a true and compelling account of his experience of other realities. One morning while sleeping, a light enters his forehead, waking up his consciousness and taking it down a wormhole to another world.


This process ushers in a whole new paradigm of existence for Greg as he experiences firsthand the truths of reincarnation, extraterrestrial intelligence, guidance, the nonexistence of fear, the enduring nature of human happiness, the power of true faith, and the essential urge of our creative imperative. 


Awakening the Giant Within is a heartfelt, colorful, and inspiring story, tinged with social insight and offering hints and exercises on how to activate your own astral body (the giant within) and to experience more fully and firsthand the greater universal consciousness.


"...There's light coming from the direction of the window. I'm awake; it's woken me. But it can't be the sun. We live in a mezzanine apartment; we're too low to get the sun...

I'm out of my body and moving very fast down a tunnel. So fast, like water gushing down a hose: twisting, turning, bending...

I'm in a landscape. It's real. I'm floating, still without body. Perfect vision. Barren, dry land. I see massive structures: tall slender towers widening out to broad disks at the top. Huge and too modern. This is real. So, it exists: there are others. This is not Earth..."

Around eighteen years ago, I began to spontaneously leave my body...
While sleeping, a light or vibration would visit me, wake me up, and take my consciousness to another reality or dimension. Now this was pretty confusing, as you could imagine. I began to question my sanity as I was shown things from past lives to guides to extraterrestrial intelligence.
The sticking point to it all, was that these realms I visited were ultra-real when compared to 3-D reality. In this luminous state, my senses were vastly expanded and I lost any sense of fear or annihilation. I would return with tears of ecstasy, deeply mysterious and moving. I began to recognize that we were infinitely more than the confines of our physical form and its limited, shackled thinking. I came in touch with an inner power that was detached from any form of judgment, and content beyond imagining.
I soon learned that what I was doing was "astral travelling." The word astral comes from the latin word "astrum" meaning star. Your astral body is your star body: it is your vehicle to other dimensions and worlds. And self. Once you begin to reconnect to this truer sense of being your creative powers in turn become unleashed, and you will recognize yourself to be the embodiment of universal energy. And here, true release and freedom will be found.

How it all began: The Awakening of my Astral Body 

"Awakening the Giant Within" is Greg's account of these unusual and liberating experiences. It also contains many useful tips and exercises as to how to activate this hidden light-body of ours. It is recommended that you read the book before attending astral workshops and courses. Remember, all is energy, and as such, the book contains vibrations within it that can aid and facilitate the experience for you. Astral travel or astral projection is a safe and natural process that is built in to our energy system. It has been almost forgotten in modern times yet it is a part of our software—it is a part of who we are: powerful, creative and divine human beings.

Engaging! Profound! Captivating! 

Ah, this book! This book! It's a golden gem! Written in such unique personal form in comparison with others in its genre, Greg manages to pull me into his world of vast truth enabling me to explore my own inner self at different heights, as never before. A book which has truly opened my eyes to the exceptional truth & meaning of astral travel. Exciting, enticing, captivating, a mix of drama & good humour, this book will no doubt assist me in reaching down into the true depths of myself with courage & integrity, so that I may achieve my forever desires to travel the astral planes. My perception of human beings & who we are, who we really are, has taken me into a deeper level of knowing, through this book!


- Snooze Cara on

A look at the top of the beanstalk...

A fascinating account of a down to Earth man's travels in the astral with many varied experiences interspersed with refreshing views against the monolithic status quo oppressing all 

of us.


- Lucid Librarian on

Beautiful book!

I really enjoyed the author's excursions into the astral realm, as well as his thoughts along the way. This book was not only interesting and well-written, but also entertaining! I particularly enjoyed Mr Doyle's statement, "Fear has become our ruling premise" and his expansion on how detrimental this is throughout the book.
In addition to the instructions for astral travel and shared experiences, was a wealth of insight into our dysfunctional, distracted, conditioned worldview. Many of the points he made about our education system, materialism, fear, and control, mirror conversations I've had with my son lately. Thank you for sharing this book with us! If the intention was to encourage readers to try it, I think I am one step closer!


- Melissa S on

A giant who has woken up.

To begin with, the English is very good. I say that because normally books dealing with such subjects are written by people, who have difficulty in putting their experiences into words. The start might startle you, especially if you are new to this kind of stuff but hang on because the good stuff, some really good stuff comes along towards the middle and the end. All the experiences that the author has written down, are things that have been verified time and again by those who go through the awakening process. So if you read something and the bs alarm goes off in your head then I would recommend that you yank the batteries from it until you get to the end.
A very interesting book with lots of wisdom, a must read for all those who are looking to improve their lot in life.


- Vywack on

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A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms" 

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"Just one glimpse with your true eyes, ears, and touch can transform you forever. Oil to water. You already know it. But you see it as outside of yourself—the divine kiss. However, there is no outside." 
– Awakening the Giant Within
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