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When you go within, be quiet, and just sit with yourself, 
                                                                      you will find such bliss...

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Meditation is so easy.

I see it as a sense that has been forgotten, or left behind. When you start to feel what it is to go within and have that first glimpse of what you truly are, you'll never be quite the same again. You will know that you are much, much more than you previously thought. 


In the beginning, even with the simplest of meditation practices, you'll feel quite euphoric. Later you'll feel a general contented elatedness: a buzzing bliss. You will find that in the midst of potentially stressful situations, you can tap into this state of being and still feel the buzz—even when the outside world appears to be crumbling around you. 


This is meditation: you know you are and always will be okay. And that's a very, very good thing!

Having been actively involved with meditation for over 30 years, it has become my general state of being. It literally rescued me during my early years of study as a performing artist. Stage fright can be a very debilitating condition, and on a certain level most of us are suffering from some form of underlying anxiety. Jobs, families, responsibilities, life. The world should not be a battlefield but rather a place for us to flourish. And so it can be. No matter how "in control" we think we are, we sometimes need to "let go" to find our true seat of power and join in with the dance of life that was there all along.


On a personal level, pracitising meditation gave me a tool to really let go of the stress. In fact in the beginning, I remember falling quite ill, and a friend saying to me "that meditation thing ain't doing you no good!" And I wondered... What I came to realize, was that letting it all go—years of it—was the reason. Stress can do a remarkable job of holding you up like a matchstick house. Brittle as! Release it, and you may flop. But when you start to re-build from the inside out, with a genuineness and lightness of being, you become more than merely propped up. As cliched as it may sound, you become enlightened.

Meditation has so many proven benefits now that it is well beyond the realms of heresay. Self esteem, vitality, concentration, blood pressure, sleep quality—your general health and sense of well-being will be so positively affected by it that you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Over time, your brainwave activity will actually alter. Your gamma waves will increase in activity enabling you to reach the Zen state more easily. Here, you're "in the zone" and operating at your peak potential. And this is all simply the result of regularly turning inward and touching base with who you really are.

So you see, meditation is easy: it's a sense—in fact, a birthright—and available to everyone.


During my reiki and astral travel courses, I have been teaching meditation to my students for many years. I also offer tailored guidance in practical meditation techniques to groups and individuals, in both private and corporate settings.


If you have problems going within and finding calm, I can help you.

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