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Astral Body Activation


As you see, there is so much more to our beautiful selves than meets the eye. And once you start to wake up to it, everything changes.


The techniques I share with you here really work to help you activate that truly magical being that resides within you – your astral body. Don’t be put off by their simplicity. Really learn to inhabit the states I suggest. Keep it flowing and don’t try too hard. Remember, your astral body is already there, within you. It’s just waiting for a signal from you. 


Well, here's the first signal:

Hey, astral body...wake up!!


But where do I start?


Simple. With your own body. The one that you can see...


Are you awake right now? Seriously, I mean that. Ask yourself and look around at your surroundings. Feel your body. Are you awake?


Inhabit this question a few times a day, and it will start to seep into your subconscious—into your body. This process occurs naturally and quickly and alters the way your body thinks about itself. All you have to do is ask yourself am I awake now?


Now what happens when you do this for a while, is that your subconscious will ask you this question while you sleep. And when it does, little by little you'll realise that are not actually awake. You'll see the dream state to be just that: purely a dream state. Your body needs to recognize that you are sleeping, before it releases the conscious astral body.


Now, this is just one technique that is really effective in helping you to wake up while you sleep. It's the beginning. Eventually you'll learn to hear for vibrations which will carry you out. These, in fact, are your guides. They are vibrations. As are you! They are constantly visiting you, waging for your attention to bring you out and into the greater reality and show you things - to show you who you really are. But first, you need to begin to know the difference between being physically asleep and awake. And when you get this, the astral vibrations will be easier to hear.


Try it out, and let me know how you go! 


Body, mind—"let go!"


Many people ask me what the most important step is in getting the astral body active. And the answer is simple: relax your body and mind consciously before you go to sleep.


Now I know your thinking “Here we go—some really difficult piece of mental maneuvering that is going to be unattainable unless I spend a year or two at a high altitude ashram while forgoing any form of bodily sustenance or comforts...” Well, in a nutshell, wrong. It’s really easy. Let me show you how.


First, the body. You’d be amazed how much of our physiology responds to directives. Simply, and quickly, go through your body from the head down. Say to yourself “Relaxing my forehead, my eyes, my cheeks, my jaw. Relaxing my neck, my shoulders, my arms, my fingers. Relaxing my upper body and organs, my lower body and organs. Relaxing my hips, my pelvis, my legs, my feet.” That’s it. Done. Your body takes orders from you—it is, after all, a part of you. Even if the sensations of relaxing are subtle in the beginning, it will be there and it will get stronger. Just remember to keep it pacey and easy. If you over think it and labour over it, your body will also over think and labour over it in sympathy to a stressed mind. So really, try it in this way, and over time you’ll be amazed with the results.


Now for the mind—which is in fact all through your body. It’s not separate. After you’ve relaxed your feet, say to yourself “Letting go of my mind, letting go of my heart. Letting go of the past, letting go of the future. Letting go of limitations, letting go of injury.” Now just bathe in that space of now. Feel as though you’re in a lovely pod of soothing, comforting, empty now. Feel your heart smile with the warmth of being. All troubles, tensions, worries gone...right now. Feel them leaving you in a wave of caress.


It’s a great space to be in, and so easy to attain. I can reach this space in a second through having done this so often. And the best thing of all is that it requires no effort. In fact these days, my mind is always probing through my body reminding it to relax—reminding it that it is relaxed. This form of effortless integration goes against the grain of an ever-distractive media-fed society, yet it really is closer to who we are, and it is the launch pad to the most exciting experience that is laying wait within you.


Try doing this exercise each night before sleeping, and remember to keep it moving. In so doing you are honouring the enormous intelligence that resides within you, and it will begin to hear your call. Your first astral journey is only a breath away!


I know who I am...


After you've relaxed your body and your mind (your self) a little, it's now time to play a little game of brinksmanship. 


Ok. So your lying there, You're feeling good. After a time you start to feel the slide of sleep as your conscousness begins to lose its grip on your waking state. Now that's normal. But you don't want to go to sleep. You want to leave your body—consciously. So you need to keep a grip on it.


And here's how:


You'll start to feel yourself fracture into different characters, or stories. Watch what's going on and be interested in it. It's fascinating how the conscious human mind begins to unravel before sleep. It's the letting go, little by little, of the earthly 3-D protocol that appears to assist us in this material realm. This is the perfect opportunity to short-curcuit this mechanism and take conscious flight. 


Remind yourself of who you are, as in your human persona. Picture yourself, where you are, lying in your bed, or wherever you are. Touch base with your physical presence if you have to. Just for a second or so. And then let the process begin again, pulling yourself from the precipice over and over. When you're in this phase, and you feel yourself on the edge of losing your mind into the never-never, pull yourself back into the moment


Now this is all leading somewhere...


Eventually, after a time of doing this, your mind will become entirely awake. It will sit up and take notice, rather like the narrowing eyes of a cat that is expecting food—but isn't getting it! (As I write this, my cat actually approaches me with hungry eyes. Hmm...) You see, you're letting your mind know that you do have some control, that you are the boss to a certain degree. It's used to you losing consciousness at this point, so it's a little intrigued by the turn of events.


At this point, express the desire internally that you are going to consciously leave your body and have full memory of the experience afterwards. Simple. Repeat this desire twice more. Then imagine the feeling of your body pulling out of itself, like a cork, rising to the surface of something bigger. Just feel the tug, however slight it may be. Your mind responds to any kind of sensory communication or intent, not just verbal. But having said that, words are very powerful, and in the astral you'll often hear them. Now your mind will raise its eyebrows a little and need some time to mull over this new state of affairs. 


This game of brinksmanship, this "teetering" on the edge of consciousness, is the doorway to your mind's freedom. It's the reclaiming of your sovereign nature and your true power. It also gives new meaning to the term "get a grip!"


Above all, do enjoy the process. In the end astral travel is fun, and you'll have many lighthearted experiences out there as well. Know that it will happen—and it will happen.


Take a good look at yourself


Time to separate. Time to get out of the limiting picture of a purely physical sense of self. 


You're nice and relaxed, lying in bed. You're on your back, legs outstretched, your arms are alongside your body. Imagine an invisible double of yourself rising out of your supine body to a height of around 2 metres above you. Be that double. Imagine yourself rising above the bed and then rotating 180º to look back down at yourself. This imagining can be easy. Don't complicate it by trying to make it too real. At this stage, just imagine how it would feel to rise out of your body and then look back down at you.


Now this is very subtle. You're reminding yourself that you can exist outside of the physical body.  Delicately subtle, yet infinitely powerful.


In your mind's eye, swap your consciousness between the hovering double and the physical body. When you're in the physical mind, sense yourself above you. When you're in the double, imagine how you must look, lying below you. See the face, eyes closed. See the body's form under the blanket. See the pillow, the bedside table. If there'e anybody else in the bed, see them as well.


Now hover right above your forehead, looking back down your face towards your toes. Jump back up to 2 metres again. Now go to your feet and look up your body to your head. How do you look under your chin? Look at your temples, your hair, the very top of your head, Watch your chest, rising and falling with breath. Keep this process moving, keep it pacey. You know you're educating your consciousness through this process. It doesn't understand difficult. Keep it easy and active.


Now look to the window, from your vantage point above the bed. Float towards it. Go through the glass, or wall, to the outside. Feel the material as you float through it. Ahh, the lovely night air! Feel it filling your astral lungs. So sweet! Find the nearest tree. See the bark in clear vivid detail – even if only for a split-second. Feel the bark though your new-found senses. Can you sense the texture in absolute detail, in that first millisecond. Do it again, Sense it without the need for hands to touch. You're doing well. You're activating forces within you that have more to do with what you really are. Let things stir and creak. Let your consciousness crackle with delight. Let the giant free.


Go where you want in this form. Fly, visit things, walk, sit by the pool, or on the roof gazing at the night sky. Look back at the earth from space. Sense the immense quiet around you. Sense the space and the immense force of nature within you. Sense the galaxy. You're beginning to breathe now, truly breathe, and you're beginning to wake up.


Now – this is not astral travelling. You'll know when that happens. This is training the astral mind/body into conscious gear. This is letting it know it actually exists! Your divine acknowlegement, in fact. Have patience, self-love and a sense of fun. And it will happen. You're pressing the master switch.


You are the cosmos


This may be a tricky pill to swallow, however: you are God. 


First of all, get over the semantics of it. It has nothing to do with being clever or intellectualising over the scriptures of a particular religion. God, the Cosmos, the All, the Great Ecstatic Creative Surge—call it what you will—is you. It is the very stuff of your cells and all that you are. You are the mind of God experiencing yourself as you in this present lifetime. After your body is gone, your essence, which is closer to who you truly are, remains. It can never die.


So you see the enduring part of you that really matters, that can never be lost, is invisible to the naked eye. You are energy, and to all intents and purposes—invisible. Close your eyes for a moment. Do you feel it—the buzz? That's you; that's your energy. The shell, the body, is on loan. Look after it. It's your house here, as well as where you live, your city, country, planet. Look after them, as they are the external representations as to how you are feeling. How are you feeling?


But let's get back to the point that I'm making: you are God. We are all God. The trees, the stones, the birds; we are all God, and we are all one. I know this through astral awareness. My cells know this, and therefore correspond accordingly. They help me, assist me, in venturing into these purer states. So now it's your turn to recognise this. 


You can start by letting go of any frustration with yourself and acknowledging your perfection. Everything you've experienced in your life, including perceived failure, loss, success or gain is purely the experience of God through your being. It is neither bad nor good. However, it is all perfect. It is as it should be—as you are God, the very Cosmos incarnate. Know this, take it into your being, absorb it into your heart, be it.


Each night meditate upon this. Your hands are the hands of God. Your eyes are the eyes of God. Your thoughts—all of them—are the thoughts of God. Your mind is the mind of God. God is you, you are God. And astral travel is you. And you are astral travel. You have all the awareness of the Cosmos. You are the Cosmos. You are infinite knowing and experience, and you can never be harmed or damaged in any way. You exist in perfection at all times and in all dimensions. You are God, and God is you.


Play with this meditation. Let it smile into your interior. Relax into this divine recognition and little by little start to feel your cells absorb this ultimate truth. Astral travel has always been within you—it is always there. Know it, and it will know you.


Inner eye focus


One of the great tricks to attaining the conscious body-mind split that astral awareness is centred around, is to inwardly focus on your third eye.


Now, the existence of a third eye is no myth. Believe me. In fact it opened up for me—in the realest sense possible—before I'd even heard of it. When I first blasted from my body, it was a light in my third eye that precipitated the whole event. Sometimes, when my body is asleep enough and my mind is awake enough, it'll just slide open, like an ultra high definition TV screen from some innerworldly lounge room/brain cabinet. It definitely exists. You must know that. And it is real.


When you go to bed at night, and when you feel physically and mentally relaxed enough, begin to focus your actual eyes (behind closed eyelids) toward the inside of your third eye (essentially, between your eyebrows). Try this now. When you do this correctly, you'll feel a slight lifting of the eyeballs to accomodate this inner focus. Now, this is a very physical exercise, and it'll feel slightly uncomfortable. And that's good. The low level discomfort of the exercise will keep you from falling asleep too soon and stall your mind from fracturing into premature dream states, as well as help in activating the third eye energy centre, or chakra.


Try this for as long as you can before letting go and falling asleep. If you hold the space long enough, the screen will appear—along with who knows what else! Remember, all of these exercises are accumulative. Play with them, mix them up, spin them around. Let your energies know that you're on to them. Wake them up from their slumber and let them take you on the biggest joyride imaginable!


Absorbing the mantra


One of the wonderful things about taking a bath when you're kind of feeling a little chilly on the inside, is that sudden realization that just comes out of nowhere and slaps you good and proper on your wet and happy bath face. Well, that's what I find, anyway.


On this particular occasion, it was to do with a method of presenting an easy and absorbable mantra into your inner sphere of consciousness. Remember also, that expansion lies at your inner core, so that a mantra worth absorbing will then radiate out throughout your entire cosmological being. A mantra should ideally be effortless, easy and powerful. And that is exactly what I've found this method to be.


Here is the key:


  • Present the mantra from the viewpoint of what you already are/have. And this makes sense, as we contain 100% of the wealth of who we are and our potential in the blueprint of our DNA - i.e. we are born perfect.

  • Work your way backwards through the wording of the mantra to the original point of consciousness that simply just is. We are it. We are the original spark of energy that contains all things/ideas. Allow yourself to be lost in the true space of nothingness that is our true and eternal nature.


The great thing about this technique is that it truly requires no effort: it doesn't separate or fracture you as you try to do it. There is no trying, You simply do it. 


Well, here it is. Let's try an example pertaining specifically to astral consciousness:


I am always conscious in my astral body when I sleep at night

I am always conscious in my astral body when I sleep

I am always conscious in my astral body

I am always conscious

I am always

I am





That's it. So simple, yet so powerful. You see our consciousness doesn't really get difficult, or complicated. It doesn't exclaim "Wow! That's clever!" Neither is it into award-winning or scientifically proven. It knows what it is, and it recognises your affirmation of its true and perfect state. This technique is removing the confusion from what it thinks you think it is, by replacing it with your undivided aknowledgment of its sheer beingness.


Believe me, it does work.


The last 4 steps of the method take you back into the void, the soil for all things and ideas. You recognise I, then you progress backwards into source with the faint question in your mind of what I actually could be (?). The _ represents just being conscious of being as opposed to the notion of I, and the . in the very last step is the letting go of the mantra and notion of identity into the perfection of the void, the true universe, the true you. In my mind's eye, the . is really nothing, but I needed to specify nothingness to you, hence the . Use this step to reenter the cosmic all, knowing all along that you are always of it, always of your mantra, whether it be an astrally motivated one or not, and always perfect, containing all the knowledge and information you need to be it.


Above all, the proof is in the pudding. And it is a mighty one at that. That night in the bath, I was a little out of health. So my mantra was a simple one:


I am healing energy (It's true, that's what I am).

I am healing

I am





And boy, didn't I start feeling good!


Setting the intention—to go


Over the past year I've seen a pattern emerging from many of you who have been trying to initiate a conscious OBE. 


Firstly, there's the frustration with doing the actual exercises—that get you close, but don't quite get you over the ledge. However, there may be something fundamentaly lacking in your approach, that you probably dont even realise. And that thing, is motivation.


You need to have a reason to go somewhere. You need to internalise the desire to see whatever it is you want to see, or experience. Or perhaps you really want to visit someone. Maybe you want to find out something about yourself. Whatever it is, sense the desire within you to go there. Purely to go on a test drive might not be enough.


And take your time. Intentions have a great way of building psychic energy over time. Give yourself say 2 weeks to leave. In that way you naturally build a sense of anticipation that can help fuel your efforts. I know it's easy for me to say, as I've done it and I know that it's possible. Somehow try to imagine that your success is a given rather than a distant possibility. This enables you to play with the exercises rather than labour over them. And at heart, we're all kids just wanting to have fun!

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