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"When you leave your physical body, it’s a remarkable thing. Your senses sharpen extraordinarily. Your ability to focus your thoughts and tune in to your surroundings is both effortless and forensic. You merge with surroundings, situations, people; you know what is happening."                                                    
Awakening the Giant Within

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When we sleep, we leave our physical bodies...


but most of us are unconscious of this happening. We often hover just above our bodies. Asleep. On all levels.

Of course we need sleep - to heal, rest and rejuvenate both body and mind. But there is much, much more to it.


During sleep, our astral body (one of our energy bodies) often activates and separates itself from the physical body. And this is one of the most astonishing senses we have. With practice, you can awaken in your astral body - while remaining physically asleep - and journey out of the body into this, and other dimensions.


I know this to be a fact, because I have done it on many occasions.


You can walk through walls, you can visit other worlds. But most importantly, you can discover who and what you are. You lose your fear of death; or rather, you know you will exist beyond this lifetime. You discover the difference between knowledge and knowing. Knowing is cellular - internal. It's your true council - your guide. You begin to cultivate a closer relationship with your higher self. You feel it, all through you, all around you, at all times. There is no disconnection. You merge with it on a more conscious level. You discover what you are.


For me, astral projection—often known as the out-of-body experience—as well as lucid dreams, have brought about the most profound transformation in my life. My whole concept of the nature of reality has altered and I am able to live with more ease, grace and energy. Waking up in your sleep is very different to controlling your dreams. The landscapes and experiences are absolutely vivid. Even more so than waking consciousness. Your senses are more fully developed and your mind is expanded. You simply imagine where you would like to be, and you'll go there! In most cases, flying. Like superman. Or you can just see what happens...and you'll go somewhere. Or be shown something...


I believe we, as a species, have forgotten to use this sense. It's inbuilt. We're meant to use it! It unlocks us from the purely earthly shackles - or the feeling that this is it. We truly are spiritual beings having a physical experience; not vice-versa. You will know this as you start to tap into your interdimensional self. And your life will become so much more joyful and lighter for the knowing.


But this is something you must experience for yourself.


This is where I come in...


Through energy work, meditation guidance and instruction, I can assist you in activating and awakening your astral body. 

Make it real.


During an astral travel course or astral projection consultation you will learn how to access this hidden body within you, or rather, you will learn how to become conscious within your astral body. We all have astral bodies, and we all leave our physical bodies during sleep, but most of us are unconscious when we do so, and are therefore unable to integrate the astral experiences we have into our waking consciousness. When you are able to do this, even just once, everything changes. Your notion of being will alter for all times. For the better.


Through a guided process of relaxation, meditation and visualisation your astral body will begin to stir into activation. You will learn to recognise the physical symptoms of the astral double's exit and allow it to happen when the vibrations begin. Essentially, you're learning not to freak out when this new and exciting sense is awakened. Sleep paralysis, the out-of-body experience and the near death experience all have their roots in the astral experience. And once you exit the body consciously your whole field of awareness will open up and you'll be ready to explore the greater reality!

Physical Relaxation

Physical and mental relaxation – the key

Through a simple process of releasing tension in your physical body you entice your subtle astral body to come forward and reveal itself. Your muscles and mind contain memories that conflict with the astral body's release. Your day-to-day physical sense of spatial logic needs to be bypassed to allow the split of consciousness to occur. It sounds technical, but is in fact very easy, safe and natural. Your body, and mind, love to let go.


Meditation and visualisation – ignition


Here is where you plant the very powerful notion that you can exist outside your physical body. You will literally feel the pull taking place - the consciousness tug-of-war between your physical and your astral bodies. Ultimately, you are letting yourself  know that you can exist in two places at one time.


One particularly powerful exercise is to imagine yourself hovering around two meters above your physical body. You flick your consciousness back and forward between the two "yous" imagining how it would feel to be in these two places. You can also imagine yourself walking through the wall to the next room. What do you see? How does it feel? Here, your third eye is coming into use and you will feel it physically activating. There are many astral exercises that aid the split, and I'll share with you the ones that have been helped me successfully access these alternate, and very real, realms.

Physical & Mental Relaxation

Interdimensional Access

Astral Body Activation

Meditation & Visualisation

Exit Sensations

Exit sensations – lift-off


The heart is the principal driver behind the astral body split. This means the heart's "energy center," or what the ancients referred to as chakra, becomes very active. It feels like an internal engine pulsating, but it will not hurt you. If your actual heart were so active, you would wake fully out of the split. No harm can come to you, but it is this fear that something scary may happen that often derails the split right on the very verge of it happening. Learning to stay non-reactive is a skill you can learn and will really assist you in this process of consciousness expansion. You will always return, safe, unharmed and much bigger energetically than you were when you left!


Interdimensional access – expansion


You will learn to open your astral eyes and manoeuvre your astral body in these limitless realms. The reality of past lives, extraterrestrial worlds, past and future events, and parallel dimensions will open their doors to you. These worlds, times and realities were always there. You just weren't seeing them. With astral body awareness, you will not only know of them, you will experience them via the astral planes. And that is the critical difference. Theory and dogma will fly out the window as you interface with the universe on a personal and direct level. You will begin to "know."

Why doesn't everyone know about this?

That's a very good question. 


To my mind the vast majority of the human race, and its potential, is slumbering. As simplistic as it may sound, materialism in its excess is served by a docile and subservient humanity. In many eastern and shamanic cultures the astral experience is well documented and accepted as a living sense.


In my own case, I was awakened to this experience by a light and vibrations that continue to visit and guide me to this day. I was not the slightest bit interested in this phenomenon before it occurred, and remain a natual skeptic, assured only by what I experience firsthand. That is not to say that I'm not an open-minded person. It is in fact pivotal to remain open-minded when you embark on any such unusual journey. To be open - is to be awake.


What I've learnt is that I am much more that this lifetime. I'm much bigger. For example, I know that these skills I've been blessed with are the accumulation of skills acquired in former lifetimes. I've even seen myself as an extraterrestrial. I know that I will live on - that I will not die. I know that we are born with the creative urge of the universe itself, within us. And when you start to vibrate at a higher frequency of knowing, you attract more of the conscious universe into your energy field.


...and that is at the heart of activating your astral body.

Individual and group sessions, weekend intensives and group workshops are all available on demand—live and on ZOOM.


Learn how to astral travel from your favourite armchair

If you don't live in Brisbane, or can't get to one of my astral projection workshops, don't let this stop you from your desire to activate your astral body. Book in an Astral Travel Zoom Consultation on my online booking page, and before you know it we'll be face-to-face and I'll be taking you through essential and easy techniques to stir your astral double into conscious motion.

I've helped many people astral project through this wonderful use of technology and am confident that you'll really benefit from this approach. Why not give it a try!

Astral Zoom 3 & 6 session packs now available at around 10% & 15% off the regular price.
See below!

My book Awakening the Giant Within: A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms 


...outlines my astral/spiritual awakening as well as giving you hints and exercises as to how to awaken and project your own astral body and experience firsthand the greater universal consciousness via the astral planes. It is recommended that you read this book before attending astral workshops and courses, to give you a greater understanding of the astral experience. As all is energy, the book contains vibrations that can assist you in reaching the astral state more easily. Order it at your favorite online store, at your local bookstore, or buy it here directly from me. It is available in hardcover, softcover and eBook.


For more information on the astral experience (astral projection/astral travel), go to my book and article pages where you'll find plenty more relating directly to this most enlightening and natural phenomenon. 

awakening the giant within - a personal adventure into the astral realms by greg doyle book cover

How it all began: Astral Body Awakening...

Astral Travel Meditations

Downloadable Astral Meditations to whet your Astral Appetite

Stir your astral body into conscious motion.
These meditations are specifically aimed at unblocking fear associated with the astral experience and allowing the dormant astral senses to awaken. Through chakra cleansing, relaxation and visualisation, your hidden body begins to activate, taking you on a journey into the very heart of your cosmological being.
These astral travel/astral projection meditations can be experienced separately, but are designed optimally to be listened to in the order they are listed, and in conjunction with each other. They can be downloaded for your permanent use at a small cost.

There is deliberately no background music or sound so that the words and intent alone carry more intensity.
Enjoy Astral Travel Meditations - Beginnings!
"I'm finding the chakra breathing cleanse that Greg taught us in his Astral Projecton workshops amazing. Definitely feel the difference. It seems to put me in a meditative state in which I am finding it easier to go deeper with my meditation, this then leads to a conscious OBE which hasn't happened to me until I've been practicing this technique."
—Sarah, Brisbane

Astral Travel Guided Meditation 'Into the Void' with Greg Doyle - Music by Katherine Jameson of Vibrosound

Let me guide you out of body and into the void of creation, accompanied by Katherine's beautifully designed soundtrack. The deep frequencies and textures of the track are carefully crafted to relax and remind your cells of their multidimensional, expansive nature. 

Awaken your astral body into conscious awareness...

Take a trip into the heart of the cosmos where your deepest intentions are set free to become manifest. Touch that space of home, where you can truly let go and just be. 


And above all, enjoy :)

Maybe you should just try this for yourself... 
A few of the Astral Travel Consultation Packages on offer:

Astral Packages


One Session

For those wanting to sense and feel the expansion that is the astral body

80 min initial consultation

or 60 min Standard consultation 


Three Sessions

For those wishing to awaken their astral senses to the greater reality around them

1 initial consultation

+ 2 standard consultations 


Six Sessions

For those wishing to enter and explore the cosmos with their astral consciousness awakened

1 initial consultation

+ 5 standard consultations 


One Session

80 min initial Zoom video consult

or 60 min standard Zoom video consult


Three Sessions

1 initial Zoom video consult

+ 2 standard Zoom video consults


Six Sessions

1 initial Zoom video consult

+ 5 standard Zoom video consults


A 2.5 hour astral exploration of meditation, light & sound


During this uniquely relaxing, yet activating, 2.5 hour Astral Travel Spa Package you'll be immersed in the transcending lights of the Pandora Star Meditation Machine, float on the soothing, transformative frequencies of the SoundLounge, and you'll also be guided into the astral in the NASA designed, zero gravity 'Perfect Chair,' through way of Greg's tailored astral meditations. Greg will also discuss with you practical methods that will assist you in finding your own unique way forward into these realms of higher dimension and experience. A truly experiential and transformative session!

1 astral travel consultation

+ 1 pandorastar session

+ 1 soundlounge session 

It really is a magnificent feeling to embody this truer form of our divine consciousness!

I utterly recommend you to come along (in person or in virtual) and experience this kind of astral body activation for yourself. One taste of such freedom and you'll never be the same again.

It's time to activate your astral body now!

For bookings & enquires just fill out the contact form below or give me a call on 0466 188 998.
Remember, you can also book directly online, below right or at the above links.

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Astral Body Activation
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