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Why Lucid Dreaming Is Such A Powerful Tool For Transformation

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

...And how to release the 'drama' that holds you hostage

Becoming lucid while dreaming is a phenomenal tool for transformation

Lucid dreaming is the act of becoming aware that you're dreaming—while you're dreaming. And it's a finger on the same hand of the astral experience. They're not quite the same, but they're very close cousins.

I used to lucid dream alot as a kid. I began to realise I was dreaming, and then I would manipulate the dream to suit my whim. I would act out my frustrations in these dreams, as I could finally be the master of my own fate. Or so it seemed at the time...

Years later I had my astral awakening, and the lucid dreams began again. I found myself analysing my surroundings, noting the difference between these and the astral states. I was fascinated with the structure of it all, not so much the content. They were not as realistic as the astral states; they seemed more transient. I started to notice that they were all about drama. There was something always needing to be solved in some way. Or there was someone, or something, acting against me. The beautiful dreams I had, or at least the positive ones, I found I wasn't becoming as lucid in, but in the so-called negatively charged ones, I was. A pattern was emerging.

And so I would begin to control these dreams. Why not? I'd attempt to steer and manipulate them to ways of my liking. But after a few minutes of this, I'd fall back into the unconscious dream, the drama. It would take me over again, the storyline just a little altered. 

Until I discovered something profound. 

If I allowed the dream to play out, and offered no resistence to any situation or protagonist, I would experience the most blissful, calming, rejuvenative state. It would literally pour through me, while I just stood there, allowing what ever drama that was going on to continue. I would allow myself to be attacked, to fall, to be caught, to crash. I would allow whatever conundrum I was in, or trying to solve, to fold back on itself, and just release. And once again, the waves of bliss would flow...

I've realised that there truly is no drama to play out. In this reality too. There's no fight. There's nothing to achieve nor to strive for. And your presence becomes very singular when you realise this. There is a phenomenal release within you. You see: nothing is against you.

And this is the power— indeed the function—of the lucid dream, your astral body's closest cousin.

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