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How A Charged Emotional Body Blocks The Astral Experience & how the chakras hold the keys to unblock

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Reverse engineering goes a long way in getting out-of-body...

My own astral awakening was spontaneous, exhilarating and profound. It opened up worlds, beings, experiences, and showed me that I was much more than my personal mortal aquaintance. But it also presented something that was far more consequent.

In the beginning, I craved the experience so much. I couldn't wait to get home to meditate, lie still, and let the lights or vibrations take me to uber-real states of being.

Over time, to gain some semblance of control over the experience, I began to reverse engineer what I felt was happening. And I started to realise something.

If I was emotionally charged in the astral state, I would be unceremoniously slung back into the physical body. Too happy, too scared, too excited—it didn't matter—thwack...I was back. And so I began to fake it. I began to fake non-emotional.

Now, here's the interesting thing. When I stayed in this state of cultivated calm, not only was the experience widened and lengthened, another form of feeliing would rise to the surface. I'd often wake in surprising ecstatic tears, that seemed to well from a different source than emotions entirely. These "feelings" were beyond the conditional emotional response. They were accessing something vastly deeper and more supportive than the arbitrary shifting sands of the human emotional palette. I knew it was closer to what rather than who I was.

And it rubbed off in this reality as well. I found I became sincerely way less reactive. Things just didn't get under my skin the same way. I became more genuinely detached from the human condition. And this in turn would enable more astral air-time. 

I've since learnt that it's the emotional body—something we really see as defining of the human condition—that is the principal hijacker of multidimensional awareness. Its voracious appetite is relentlessly shoveled charge at by the mainstream, society at large, and even unseen beings in the lower astral dimensions. "A good person is one who sacrifices his life—even suffers—for the betterment of the world at large." This is one of the great programmable myths of our species. It's hard-wired into us from the day dot. It's not real. And it's an inhibitor.

The emotional body is directly accessed through our chakra system. By intentfully breathing the "infinite universe," or "infinite healing" or "white light," or whatever you want to call source energy through your chakras, you begin to loosen the grip of emotional charge. It knows what it is, and what you are, so you don't have to try too hard. Intent is enough. You also loosen the bond of karmic entanglement, as they are intrinsically connected: karma and your base emotional state.

And it doesn't mean you'll become cold-hearted. Quite the contrary. Your responses and feelings will emanate from a place of non-condition, of love, where true power (in fact, not a negative connotation) and sovereignty reside. You'll become released. Released to experience your truer, multidimensional self.

Listen to a downloadable mp3 "guided chakra cleanse meditation and astral awakening" here at my website if you're keen to follow this up (just scroll down the page). Over a very short time I guarantee that you'll notice the difference:

"I'm finding the chakra breathing cleanse that Greg taught us in his AP workshops amazing. Definitely feel the difference. It seems to put me in a meditative state in which I am finding it easier to go deeper with my meditation, this then leads to a conscious OBE which hasn't happened to me until I've been practicing this technique."  — Sarah, Brisbane.

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