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Shedding Anxiety Through Reiki

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Our bodies are literally prisms of energy, constantly receiving, processing and emitting frequencies. It's what we are; it's what we do. We transform energy. And when the system is in balance, and flows freely, we feel good. When it's not in balance, we feel stuck, stressed and anxious. Reiki is a system of healing that activates your innate healing potential. It's not an add-on, an idea, a dogma, or an intellectual exercise. It's very simple, in fact profoundly so. Channeling reiki, plugs you, the receiver, back into the source of all things, which by its very nature is the healed state. The flow of reiki through you reminds your cells of this, enabling you to release that which does not serve you. During a treatment, you'll often feel very relaxed, your mind may wander to random thoughts, and you may even lose consciousness as the flow of reiki seeks out your stressors to disperse them, to essentially unearth them energetically. Now these can be physical, emotional or mental stressors, depending on what you're holding. You don't need to direct what's happening; the reiki naturally flows there. It's natural and it's automatic, acting always in accordance with your highest good. After you get off the table, you'll feel entirely refreshed. In the days following a treatment you'll most commonly feel a sense of clarity—of weight lifted from you—as you feel your way forward more easily in your life, rather than think your way forward. There is a difference. Mental health and emotional and physical well-being are intrinsically interwoven, and in the current crisis humanity finds itself, the knock-on effect is quite palpable, ranging from a constant low-level sense of unease to feelings of outright devastation. It's so important now to keep your system in check, stay in balance and feel the joy of life regardless of what is playing out around you. Reiki is also a non-localised energy, meaning it can be sent to anyone, anywhere. You'd be amazed at just how powerful—and effective—a remote session can be! I've been treating clients now for some time over phone and zoom and am constantly in awe at the process. All you need is a quiet space to lie down and relax in, and it will instantly be transformed into a reiki clinic. So if you are feeling stuck, anxious or even if you suffer from a chronic condition, a reiki session, no matter where you are, can help alleviate symptoms, lighten your being, and help you move forward more comfortably. Click on the link below to find out more and book your session! Please be assured that I take all recommended measures to keep my clinic clean and disinfected. All surfaces are being wiped and all coverings changed between clients. I'm also using an air purifier equipped with a hepa filter.

For more information on reiki and the various sessions on offer, including discount packages, click below:

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