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Can anyone learn Reiki, and what is reiki exactly?

Learning to channel is the essence of reiki.

The beautiful thing about reiki, is that it requires no dogma, or religious adherence, to practise or to learn. The crux of a reiki course is the opening of your innate healing channels through way of a series of attunements. That's really what it's all about.

And anyone can learn it. Seriously. Anyone! Through all the years of practising and teaching reiki, I've found that if you've the leaning to learn, if you've the pull toward healing, it's going to work for you. It's as simple as that. And you don't have to understand it all. In fact, more and more, I realise I don't understand it at all! It's a beautiful mystery :) The greatest gift reiki will give you is the ability to surrender and trust to a higher power that is, in fact, us, and that is, in fact, the cosmos. This state of being naturally leads to a flow of healing energy. And when you begin to feel this flow through you, magic happens!

Mikao Usui, the founder of modern reiki, had a vision of certain symbols after a 21 day fast in a mountain temple in Kyoto, Japan. These symbols build the basis of the attunement system in the learning of reiki. As a reiki master, I pass these symbols into your aura and they have the effect of unlocking/unblocking certain healing channels within you. As bizarre as that sounds, it's a thing, it really is. And it works. You soon begin to feel the flow of this universal life energy through you, and the whole process and wonder begins.

As a reiki student, or reiki attunee, you now have the ability to channel this healing energy to yourself and others. 21 days of self-healing follows to set the energy into your field and also to give you that sense of confidence that this a real thing that is transpiring within you. And you will feel it!

So to answer a question that may be pestering you: anyone can learn reiki, including you :) It may well be the very thing you're waiting for right now. Where to start? My advice would be to have a reiki session with me to feel the flow of healing energy for yourself (as a recipient), and then book in for a reiki course as soon as it suits you. I'm running reiki courses all the time, to both individuals and groups, so contact me and we'll get it happening.

Hope to meet you soon!

Come and join me for a reiki course, or a reiki healing, and get to know yourself like nobody else can!

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