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Grounding Into Higher Realities - And leaving The Illusion Where It Belongs...

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

"With all the stuff that you do how can you be grounded?"

How many times have I been asked this. And the answer may just surprise you.

As humans we're raised to believe our shared third dimensional reality to be a nuts-and bolts, keep your head down and get on with it, quasi-sacrifice/suffering kind-of place. We're taught that we should give up 'childish things' and imaginings to better gaze upon a world that is slightly warped and infested in a low-level yet ever pervasive stench of 'trusted' corruption and cynicism. This twisted little secret has been whispered into the ears of infants for generations.

This is not the world I ground into.

Nature, of course, on the other hand, is a beautiful thing. The colours, sounds, textures and happenings revitalise our senses and bring us into touch with something far greater than any mere programming can. Nature has no agenda. It speaks to us well beyond the intellect and has no clue to the notions of 'risk-averse' or 'economic viability.'

I'll often meditate into my five glorious senses and amp them right up. I'll close my eyes and really feel the sense of touch all through my body and around me. And that feels good. I'll hyper-listen through ears that begin to open, relax and release the labels we seem to attribute to everything. I'll pitch birdsong and distant power tools into the same glorious pot and let them rummel around inside my head, and body. And once again, it feels great—this connection. 

This connection to my reality. Every smell, sound, sight, touch and taste happens inside you as you experience the world. I'll let my eyes tickle upon shimmering leaves and shiny speeding cars in the same breath. I taste and smell all around me, yet I've no idea of the aroma of which tree and what it's called. Perhaps it doesn't know its own name? The body's senses when truly switched on and allowed to roam are so much more in line with 'nature' and our planet than the myth we've been fed. 

Perhaps instead of being outraged at the politician who shows no outward concern for the environment, you decide to give up drinking from plastic bottles and take-away cups from this day on. Perhaps you swap that incessant feeling of pissed-off-ness about the state of the planet for a weekly shop of organic food, that not only sustains the earth but does wonders for your mind and body. "Oh, it's too expensive!" Too expensive for what? Your body is pretty vital in this dimension. 

The shared reality we inhabit and term 3D is so beautiful. There's just so much to really dig your hands and feet into and enjoy. And when you can recognise the illusion to be just that, an illusion, you begin to see it for the wonderful teacher and guide that it is.

Now that's what I call grounding :)

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