• Greg Doyle

How A Black Wolf Led Me To Reiki ...and triggered my astral sense

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

My right shoulder was hurting...

And I couldn't get rid of it. This was in 1999—just before I began to leave my body spontaneously. I was living in Vienna at the time, working as a classical musician, and just couldn't shake off this deep, nagging, throbbing pain in my right shoulder.

I went to a few physiotherapists and chiropractors and still couldn't shift it. To be fair, I had shunted an old baby-grand piano up a few narrow, circular flights of stairs with some mates (in retrospect, a poor call) some weeks before. But I'd the feeling this pain emanated from some other source. Just a gut feeling. 

A good friend recommended me to visit a woman who was a cranio-sacral therapist. She said she was a little 'different.' OK I thought, why not. In the first treatment she gently held my arm in her hands, moving it ever so slightly, while in some kind of trance. Different. The pain left me. Which actually stressed me out.

"How did you do that?"

"You had a blockage in your shoulder."

"A blockage?"

"Yes, an energy block."