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How A Black Wolf Led Me To Reiki ...and triggered my astral sense

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

My right shoulder was hurting...

And I couldn't get rid of it. This was in 1999—just before I began to leave my body spontaneously. I was living in Vienna at the time, working as a classical musician, and just couldn't shake off this deep, nagging, throbbing pain in my right shoulder.

I went to a few physiotherapists and chiropractors and still couldn't shift it. To be fair, I had shunted an old baby-grand piano up a few narrow, circular flights of stairs with some mates (in retrospect, a poor call) some weeks before. But I'd the feeling this pain emanated from some other source. Just a gut feeling. 

A good friend recommended me to visit a woman who was a cranio-sacral therapist. She said she was a little 'different.' OK I thought, why not. In the first treatment she gently held my arm in her hands, moving it ever so slightly, while in some kind of trance. Different. The pain left me. Which actually stressed me out.

"How did you do that?"

"You had a blockage in your shoulder."

"A blockage?"

"Yes, an energy block."

"Do I have any more of these energy blocks in my body?"

"Yes, of course. You're human."

Needless to say my curiosity was piqued. Energy blockages. In my body... What the?

So I went back and back, week after week, for a bit. I remember in the 3rd session my solar plexus came to life, buzzing and cramping, turning me involuntarily to my right into a quasi-fetal position. I then felt a sea of emotion flood through me all at once, accompanied by an assortment of images from childhood. They were so real in my mind's eye. I screamed out certain words that seem to emanate from an unseen core. And then it passed, and I felt somehow better. Wow. Things were getting interesting. 

In the next session she dug her fingers into my gums. My first thought was Have you washed your hands? In response to my ever-widening eyeballs she told me that I'd never processed anger correctly. She needed to activate my gums and jaw. Oh boy! That night I was in pain. My gums were on fire and my jaw seemed to be stretching from within.

The next morning upon awakening I was met with the face of a growling, green-eyed black wolf. I'd move my head, and he'd move with it, stuck to my face like an translucent, animated, 3D inverted mask. I got out of bed; he was still there. Growling. For the next three days he stayed with me, my constant companion, as I tried to navigate the world of the normal. I thought I was going mad and began to unravel. Everything in this reality had to be experienced and perceived through the face of an ever-growling black wolf...

On the third day I found myself in a terrific argument with my housemate. The particulars are incidental (it was an argument over a shared bill) as I launched into a coherent challenge and reasoning of my position. Something had altered. I didn't close down. My voice was able to keep its temperance in the height of battle. This was not the usual case with me. And then, right on cue, the wolf stopped growling, licked my face, moved into the corner of the room and curled himself into a sleeping position. I felt my whole energy system unlock and open and begin to buzz to life.

And the wolf wasn't finished...

Not a week later a woman enters the room I'm working in wearing a t-shirt with exactly the same wolf on it. Black face, green eyes, growling. My energy field kicks in. She walks right up to me.

"Who are you? What do you do?" I stutter. 

"Reiki. I'm a reiki master."

A few weeks later, I begin my first level reiki training.

I've a feeling the universe isn't as left-brained as we are. It doesn't need to be won over by astounding logic or cleverness. It's more a stream or current. And that's exactly what reiki is. Through time, experience and surrender I've come to realise that reiki is simply the flow of source current through us. And its inherent design is to heal. To clear, and to heal. And doesn't that suggest something about the universe? That innately, we are clear. We are healed. Reiki is all about finding and being that space.

As a reiki master, I have the joy and privilege of attuning and training others to channel reiki. During these weekend courses, you'll not only learn how to call through and feel this energy, you'll also learn wonderful centering and meditation techniques that will assist you in your everyday life to be more in balance and connection with your energies. They're also a lot of fun, and a chance to connect and share with like-minded souls.

See below for upcoming workshops and courses:

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