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Developing Astral Awareness

...and the freedom that it brings you

The greatest gift astral awareness can give you, is that of freedom.

The adventure, the exhilaration, the sheer excitement of these lucid realms that in reality are a mere breath away, is the intoxicating fabric of the astral experience. Astral awareness brings back your childlike sense of wonder and innate creative urge. These etheric dimensions are the place where thoughts equal reality, where the 3rd dimension of our shared co-creation begins to take form. What you think, you become. And so it's in this place of freedom, away from the shackles of perceived mortal limitation or lack, that you have the ability to dream your existence into being. And with that knowing, your thoughts become great arrows of potential, thrusting forth what was once invisible and pure notion, into the fields of the active and visible, to take purchase in the physical of your reality and world. What is the signal we're sending out? What is the signal you're sending out?

When you begin to recognise that we are truly free, that we were always free, a certain lightness of being begins to take reign and exude from your spirit. You recognise the insanity of the illusion to be entirely that, an illusion. And the tendrils of fear that once sought to inhabit and stifle your field begin to fade and retreat, replaced with a smile of the heart and an unshakeable inner contentment. It's then that you turn away from the charade and focus your energies, your beliefs, your passions, onto a canvas, or reality, that gives rather than drains, that binds rather than separates. It's the creator aspect of us that is itching to be released and realised, and astral travel is one such vehicle to help get you there!

It's actually also a lot of fun, especially when you don't try too hard, and begin to embrace and enjoy the process itself. It all begins with a deep desire to know more of yourself and what you are as distinct from the who you think you might be. Deep physical and mental relaxation are the bedrock to uncovering the experience, and well as certain visualisations, meditations and techniques to help you trigger the process into gear and recollection. It's really not that hard to do and just takes an adventurous, curious and open mind to begin the unravelling. It truly is a letting go, not an adding on, which to my mind, is somehow comforting.

In the Astral Travel Workshops I regularly hold, we explore all kinds of tools to awaken the giant within you, including light (with the PandoraStar Meditation Machine), sound (a vibrolounge) and pure frequency (meditating under a 2 metre copper giza pyramid) as well as the usual suspects of relaxation, meditation and visualisation. It's a day like no other, and could well be your launchpad to greater states of being and happening.

Come and join me for an astral travel workshop, and get to know the truer, multidimensional you!

Or if I'm not in your neighbourhood join Astral Travel - A Breakthrough Online Course whenever and wherever you like!

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