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Why Becoming Less Reactive Is So Empowering - And How To Exit The Program...

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

We exist in a cosmos of frequencies. 

In fact our thoughts, our moods, our very organs, are in constant dialogue with our environment, both seen, and unseen. We are the mortal manifestations of a symphony of cosmic collisions.

When we emit reactions of fear to events (or alleged events) in our life, we actually emit a signal out into the ether, which in turn, resonates with like energy. It's rather like a guitar string of a certain pitch vibrating with another of the same pitch when plucked, even though it wasn't actually 'touched' physically. Over time, our organs, emotions and reactions become tuned to certain frequencies which in turn trigger reactions within us.

We've all felt that strange bolt of shared anger, rage or sadness when certain world events are beamed through our living-room screens and into our bodies. In a split second we may move from a calm and relaxed state to a literal fever pitch. This process is unashamedly called programming.

And it keeps us in check...

If we want it to.

This constant ripple effect of emotional charging and recharging powers the batteries of the unconscious human experience on this planet. And it goes without saying that it can be, and is, a device of manipulation, in the seen realms and the unseen ones. In the astral I've actually witnessed these dynamics at play. I've seen the bands (programs) of fear around the planet and their concerted manipulation by certain off-world entities and human organisations to assist the reincarnation mechanism and to give nourishment to these beings. This is no new concept, and has been validated by many out-of-body explorers. And this is not meant to scare you, nor to add to the programs at hand. It's simply meant to present an alternative to the default settings within you, and place an ever-inquisitive ? into your aura. 

Perhaps your reactions are not always your own?

We've heard much of mindfulness in the New Age, and for good reason. Being absolutely present, displaying a presence of mind, is truly our ticket out of this cinema that delights uproariously in haggard re-runs. To hesitate, even for an instant, before we settle in on our ho-hum default stance on any given situation. To feel into something greater than the current (literally) view, into something perhaps deeper and less automatic. 

And over time, new, enticing and enriching feelings begin to emerge...

Learn simple techniques to cut through the program:



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