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Shadow Beings & The Astral Scaries ...that aren't actually that scary at all

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

We inhabit colourful realities.

It's as simple as that. There exists a plethora of beings in the astral. Some appear 'scary;' others 'uplifting,' and many somewhat neutral. In the end they're all just doing their stuff, whatever that may be.

Many of you may have encountered what are known as 'shadow beings' just as you fall asleep and enter, perhaps, some kind of sleep paralysis. Your body feels weight on it, you hear sounds, you can't move, perhaps you sense someone nearby, and the whole experience just generally freaks you out. The experience is seen as negative, a no no, a don't go there, and essentially, you never want it to happen again. Fair enough.

Maybe...or maybe not.

A few months ago, I was lying in bed, pre-sleep (or so I thought) and just smoothly slid into an astral state. So I'm lying there, thinking, hmm When am I going to fall asleep? as I happen to notice a woman hovering above my wife's sleeping body. I realise I've actually fallen asleep, but my mind stayed awake. It happens. The woman is somehow manipulating my wife's field, with her hands and intentions. I can see that. It doesn't feel that positive. She sees me see her, freaks out, and immediately flies through the closest wall, leaving the scene. My wife wakes up. I wake up—physically that is. My mind remains coherent throughout.

Now the great thing about being in the same room as someone having some kind of astral experience, is that I can assess the actuality and effect of it in real time. No time lag, no interpretation after the fact. And so I ask my wife, what just happened to her. She said she was having a nightmare and had just woken up from it. It seems just your regular stock standard scary dramatic scenario, nothing relating directly to an image of someone hovering over her per se. But I know in that moment, that her so-called 'negative' experience is being manipulated by that being. This being somehow influenced my wife's dream state.

And what is even more interesting, is that as she noticed me notice her, she fled the scene.

To jump to the deep end for a moment, I've realised over time that the more awareness you have in your astral/higher vibrational body(ies), the more these questionable entities avoid you. They just don't want to be seen by you. Your field starts to repel them. Which perhaps is not a bad thing.

Early on in my astral exploits I was confronted by all manner of seriously scary entities. From succubi (look that one up) to hairy monsters, to what I thought to be pure evil itself. I'd be out night after night, swearing at them, shooting prayers at them, even fighting them (with weird balls of energy...). Now of course this was my path, it doesn't have to be yours. But I soon, in the most dramatic way, felt a release within my heartspace and they all melted away. It was both a curious and liberating phenomenon. And very telling.

The point I'm making with all this, is that yes, as a species, humans are subject to questionable energies playing in their fields. Manipulation is occurring. I've seen and been shown this. But it's actually not so sinister. It's just the way it is. Just as in the realms of 3D perhaps? How easily we are programmed in this realm, as well, against our better judgements it would seem...

Developing astral awareness is simply waking up to this fact. And isn't it better to see it than be oblivious to it? It's happening anyway, this melding of energies and intentions in our realm(s). Think of the morbid attraction we, as humans, have to horror stories in our myths and media. Have you ever wondered what that was? Perhaps it's to keep us from questioning or exploring deeper this theme in our field, our realities, our lives.

Can you imagine how frightened-to-the-core I was when I saw my first alien in the astral! It was just so repelling. And I was not a sci-fi fan at all. But when I got over myself, and realised that I was being shown stuff for a purpose—that felt good—I felt an aspect of myself opening up, and releasing a low-level current of anxiety that I didn't even know I had. I actually felt more me because of it.

Many of these so-called shadow beings inhabit the threshold between realms. They can act as gatekeepers. And guides. As well as annoying pests. But in the end, they're all serving you in one way or another. My advice is to pursue the experience and see where it leads you. Even a guide, experienced through the mist of an early astral awakening, can appear somehow sinister or scary when felt for the first time. You see, your senses are in hyperdrive in this state, and can easily freak out unnecessarily and prematurely. Learn to be less reactive in all realities to give you that extra staying power.

You never know. Maybe you're about to experience something that will change the very foundations of your being...

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