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Meditation - The Art Of Just Being

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Meditation is no mystical art form. Nor is it the exclusive property of monks, sages and zen masters. It's simply the act of going within and being with oneself. And it's really not that hard.

Years ago, while living in Vienna, and coming to terms with an abrupt and confusing spiritual awakening, I was sitting on a cushion, back leaning against the wall, with eyes closed at the beginning of the weekly meditation circle I was attending. Out of nowhere, a calm female voice gently stated within me "There is only Joy."

I flung open my eyes and looked around the room, shocked. The group was intently meditating. Rubbish I instantly thought. There's also suffering, hardship, cruelty, unhappiness etc. Wherever this disembodied voice came from she must be seriously deluded.

However, I also knew in this moment that my life's purpose would be to prove this to be so.

Little by little over the years, I'm come to recognise a calm within that is unassailable. When the winds and turbulence of life attempt to scuttle my peace, I sense a deep and immovable smile within me. Meditation fuels this smile. It brings me back home to the space of no movement, no time and no space. I feel as though I disappear—just become—just be. And most of all, it feels really good, this inner contentment. 

And I know it's not a copout. 

You see, when you feel good from within, you're not so dependant on externals to mould your mood and your life. You feel good for no good reason, which is the best reason of all. Your life then takes a breath as it reconfigures itself to match your resonance. Over time, with a regular meditation practice, your outer life begins to match your inner frequency. You become the master of your energies and your life—which is a really, really good thing!  

I've been guiding and helping people to meditate for years, and it's joy to do so. Let me share with you techniques that will lighten your soul and help you find that inner calm that is actually more you. Private sessions in person or over Skype available. 

Book your private meditation session, and start to feel good again



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