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How Simply Sensing Within ...can release your astral giant

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

We're full of knots.

Quite literally! Lie down and you'll know what I mean. Feel into yourself and set your inner Pac Man free. Let it identify and chomp away at those places of discomfort, holding, anxiety. Seriously. Shine a torch inward and just see how much of you you're actually holding. 

A fascinating thing: the human holding pattern. Years ago, as I was discovering meditation, I became profoundly aware of the energies within me that were causing me to feel ever-anxious. Even at the most subtle levels. What were they? Were they me? Could I shift them?

Now when I say chomp at these things, I actually mean notice them, sense them, be with them a little, smile at them, and then let them breathe. Let them release. Whatever they are, it can't be that much fun being so tense and held. Not really. Help them breathe a bit. 

So as you lie there, or sit there, feel into and scan your body. Your mind is all through it you know. They're intrinsically interwoven, and we don't really have to know how or why. Just feel in, and inhabit your entire body. Shine your awareness into every pocket and you'll begin to notice yourself gradually release. Do it for the fun of it. Stay with the feeling of it. I don't see it as a chore at all. In fact, it feels good. Awareness by its very nature equals relaxation, and expansion.

All of these subtle and not so subtle knots within are our anchors and triggers to the karmic reality we currently inhabit. Our actions and reactions are often driven by these apparently automated 'presets.' But what if they're not your presets after all? You've gotta ask are they serving you?

I've found that this constant scanning and loosening process to be the most enjoyable pastime and perhaps pivotal in releasing awareness into the astral body. See it that way. See the astral body as your inner sage, naive yet all-knowing, as it relinquishes its manacles, opens its eyes and experiences the cosmos anew.

See below for upcoming astral meditation nights & workshops.

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