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Astral Meditations: Reverse Engineering The Astral Experience

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

We all leave our bodies at night. Astral travel is an innate sense that enables us to plug back back into source.

When I first started leaving my body and going astral, I was intrigued to see what others were doing at night. I'd visit people—yes, perhaps unethical, but I felt it was for a good cause—and notice that their astral bodies were lifting slightly away from their physical selves. This would usually happen just before dawn. 

These translucent doubles would move out of sync with their physical shells, and often just hover there. Then a few things would occur. Energies would begin to interact with the astral bodies. Often laser-like, sometimes pulsating, lights, sounds and streams of energy would begin to move into the doubles, entering at certain points that corresponded more or less with the chakras. It was very real. And very beautiful. And I started to get the feeling that this was a recharge of sorts—that our vital, physical energies were being recharged through this process.

Now like all things I witness in the astral, I tried a test. For two nights, I did not allow myself to go astral. I lay in bed, comprehensively relaxed my body and mind until the area around my eyes was the only area of feeling. And I stayed awake. All night. Diligently. For two nights. I noticed that during the days I felt great—physically. As in I'd essentially put my physical body to sleep both nights. My mind was also rested. But there was something majorly amiss. I felt awful. Tragic. Utterly and thoroughly despondent verging on hopeless. I knew in my heart that I had not gone home...

You see I hadn't refreshed and revitalised my systems. The astral body exists partly for this purpose. Now we can allow this happen, for the most part unfettered, and go about our daily, earthly rituals totally oblivious to this process. Or we can move our consciousness into this body and begin to explore the cosmos around us more actively. This is also an innate function of the astral body/mind.

I've found, since teaching this process to others, that guided meditations can be used to remind, to prod, to wake-up and invigorate the astral body into consciousness, or rather awareness. I reverse engineer actual experiences that myself (and others travellers) have experienced using the laws of 'like resonance' to awaken hidden astral memories/abilities within you. And while things may still remain dormant, for a while, energies within will begin to percolate and rise to the surface, finding their own time and occasion. 

So at very worst, the astral meditations I guide you on will take you to very still, expansive, beautiful and touching realms. At very best, your astral eyes, ears and touch will begin to stir into conscious being. Maybe it's worth the risk...

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