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The Whys & Wherefores Of Astral Travel - And Should We Even Do It?

Updated: Sep 22, 2019's frustrating.

Early on, it almost drove me crazy. It felt so good to get out-of-body and blast into the cosmos and other dimensions. Can you imagine what it was like, in those early days, to meet otherworldly individuals, to meditate on alien planets, to feel so, so free. And to 'know' that this was somehow natural. That this was a state of being that was accessible to us all, but that had somehow been lost on the way. Astral awareness opened my eyes to the potential majesty of the truer human experience; not the one we've been hijacked into believing to be our limited birthright.

I'd tentatively share these profound insights with friends, who'd sometimes warn me against playing in these 'dangerous fields.' "You'll get bodysnatched, taken over by evil entities—you're playing a game forbidden to us mortals!!"

Really? Then why does it feel so good, so right?

I wrestled with this theme for a while. I tried to ignore the experience, get back to a normalish life. Perhaps they were right after all. The last concert I ever conducted as a musician was the last straw. As I was nearing the end of the concert I felt invisible hands grabbing my wrists and arms, forcing them down. I burst into a sweat thinking 'just get through this, ok.' I manufactured my way to the end of the performance knowing that this was it. This was my surrender—to what I was. I knew it was time to let go of the 'who.'

In the astral I've seen aspects of the very mechanics that keep the human consciousness at bay. The vast sea of our awareness, as a species, is asleep. There's a foot to our collective head that subjugates our energies. We're meant to soar—to dream consciously through the dimensions. We've been created in the image of the cosmos. No less. No less. 

Astral awareness is merely one tool to awaken to a truer state of ourselves. It's neither witchcraft nor supernatural. It's another way to the way we've been treading for the longest of lost times. It can't possibly hurt you. It can only lift you up.

And you know, it's what we've planned all along—to wake up. 

Oh, and did I's a very, very beautiful thing :) For more info on the experience and to get your own astral body into conscious gear, go to:

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