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The Sweet Spot For Astral Projection...and when the veil is at its thinnest

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

I am on the edge of mysteries and the veil is getting thinner and thinner—Louis Pasteur

Astral projection is a bit like that. It's a mystery that teeters on the edge of a veil between realities. And while Quantum Physicists are proving the existence of alternate dimensional realities, we never quite believe that we can actually experience this anomaly for ourselves. The good news is that we can, and that we do.

Remember, the astral body is active every night. If you're human, you've got one. You don't have to conjure it up. It's our bridge body to other realities and dimensions. Astral projection is waking up in that body. And there's a certain time of night when you'll have your best shot of doing so.

I'm sure you've often heard of the veil between realities being thinnest before the dawn. It's as though at this time of night/day the giant relentless wheel of karma takes its breath. It deliberately blinks its consciousness just enough for us to squeeze through the cogs of firmly held logic into the realms of true magic and infinite possibility. I know I'm waxing here, but I do feel it's a deliberate glitch in our mortal software that allows us to take that peak beyond, if we're game enough, willing enough, and patient enough.

And so if you do wake up around 3am or so, try not going back to sleep. Instead, lay on your back, relax your body, and play at staying awake mentally. Just keep your mind awake. It's what I call lucid fishing. Keep your mind awake, and allow your body to fall asleep. Keep at it a bit. Sure, it can be tricky, but so are most things in the beginning. It's built in to our systems—to go astral at this time of day. If you stay awake, and motionless, and extremely nonreactive, this is when the vibrational stage can kick off, precipitating an astral exit. Just stay relaxed, awake, and let it happen...

So if you are experimenting with astral awareness, remember it's great to meditate during the day—to simply go within and be with yourself. Everyday. And try any astral exercises you may know. It's all about priming yourself. So that when the time comes, and when the great cosmic pause button is pressed, you'll be out there, in the great ether, proving those physicists right!

For a simple and effective astral meditation primer, see the video below.

And for more astral tips & techniques, go to:

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