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Reiki - The Power Of Healing In Your Hands

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Reiki translates as 'universal life energy' and is a healing modality that was first introduced to the west, from Japan, in the 1930's.

It's an unusual modality, in that the stream of healing is transmitted from the reiki master to the student (during a reiki course) by way of a series of attunements, using certain symbols and intentions. It's rather like the Hindu concept of Shaktipat where a transmission of spiritual energy is passed from one to another. 

Personally, I find this whole method fascinating and wonderful. As a reiki master I'd often question the process yet simultaneously be amazed at the sensations I felt during it. The heat that would come through the hands and into the crown of the recipients was simply uncanny, and so out of any left-brain hemispherical ball-park. It just wasn't logical. And for every attunee, the energies, the process, would feel different. Over time (with basically everything I do now) I've learnt to disregard the little naysayer in my head. Eventually, doubting Tom fell off the back patio, never to be seen again. But I'm still able to question and be in awe of the process all at the same time. And that's a very pleasant feeling.

Now as I've said, reiki is universal life energy, which by its very nature is healing energy. The cosmos in all its wonder, is us, and is benevolent. And I can attest to this from my travels out-of-body. To me, this healing energy is synonymous with the notion of God or higher connection. It feels good and it feels right. That's why a reiki channel doesn't drain oneself of energy in any way. The energy is channeled, and not of the healer per se.

When you bring through reiki for a client, as in during a reiki treatment or session, it's a very uplifting feeling. And once again, it's different for each client, as the client is actually calling through the energy to their systems, their bodies. As a reiki healer you learn to get into the space, hold it and observe, and then get out of the way—in the best possible sense. And it's remarkable what can happen. Normally, the client will lose consciousness at some stage during the treatment and energetic releases will occur. They'll be swimming just above sleep and just below wakefulness (the ideal state for healing to occur) and the body will do either some gentle occasional twitches, or some full-bodied epic power jumps—while being out of it on the table. That's how I find it to be. During most of the treatment, warmth, pleasant tingling or 'magnetic' sensations are often felt by the recipient, depending on the areas being addressed by the healer. Essentially, a reiki channel enables healing to occur within the client. The reiki channel, loosely termed 'healer' as well, does not use his or her 'will' to heal the client. They simply hold the space and enable healing to occur. Above all, it feels good!

As well as giving reiki, I love to train and pass on the energy to others. Below are a few upcoming courses I really look forward to holding. If you're keen to jump into reiki but were never quite sure when to start, perhaps now's the time:

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