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How The Astral Is Affecting You At All Times ...and what you can do about it

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

It's really all about interaction.

As I've suggested in the past, it is a very fluid series of realities we all inhabit. Karmic flames, literally licking at our heels, egging us on to transcend the limitations we identify ourselves with.

Of course there are no true limitations, but in our current state of human evolution, it's the scenario we buy into. The picture above by Alex Grey 'Meditation' is a brilliant depiction of the energetic mesh we find ourselves a part of. And I can attest to this kind of grid system that can be seen and experienced through the astral eye. Note the flames below and their connotation of 'hell' and also note your immediate reaction to those words. Constricting huh? The notion that we are a fallen, innately sinful race of beings—no matter how subtle within our energy fields/consciousness—is the very fuel to these perpetual karmic triggers. We somehow deserve to suffer, or perhaps we feel that life is not fair. We sense we are somehow being judged from afar, and that a good deed deserves reward, while a bad one deserves punishment. You see, we've bought into this model of condition—karma—and we're constantly feeding the flames. 

But what if there was another way?

Boy, I know I'm sounding poetic today, or perhaps a little cryptic. And what is interesting, is that these etheric realms that enmesh us do often appear entirely cryptic at first. In fact poetry and music are their language more than clever intellect. It's a tricky one to comprehend at first, until you swipe left, and get that region of the brain out of the way. But I will get to the point. By not jumping to a reflex conclusion on topics of supposed good or bad, you actually short-circuit the underpinning mechanism of the karmic trap—of condition.

This can sound simplistic, and can therefore too easily slide out of reach, but let me explain what I mean. Our human identities so often identify themselves as having a certain stance on things. We ingest this stance, particularly in this age of outrage and political correctness, just as we inhabit and identify ourselves as our 'professions' or who we vote for. We are constantly wearing hats of sorts, and by doing so, we send our roots deeper and deeper into a static stage of condition—'deserving of our fate.' The living-out of this recurring, incessant program feeds the flames of condition—karma—and in so doing constantly animates the beings and entities of the lower-astral realms (mythologically referred to as the underworld) into breath, motion and traction with and within us. These entities thrive on fear and unknowing, and rely on the process of condition to breathe. We feed them with our outrage, our guilts, our self-loathing, our hatred, our sense of lack and defeat. And in turn, they resonate in our fields, providing the current needed to perpetuate this mistaken sense of 'reality.'

Now, that is a mouthful. The absolute wonder of being in the astral is that over time, you get beyond these lower realms, and start to see through the cloud of pent-up (literally) human emotions. And the air is so rarefied there! So clear, and so devoid of condition. It just is. And it is beautiful. And you know that this is the default: that Love is unconditional. Truly unconditional. And then you begin to realise that we are here, in human form, now, to play, and to transcend karma. To let it all go. And it's in this moment of realisation, that the tentacles of illusory karma, in all their hideous guises, let you go.

And that's called freedom.

Learn how to gain conscious control within the astral realms at next Sunday's, Astral Travel Workshop, Brisbane.

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