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reiki, astral travel, brisbane, greg doyle
reiki, astral travel, brisbane, greg doyle

Let me help you re-define what reality means to you 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 
― C.G. Jung

Astral Traveler | Author | Healer

reiki treatments • reiki training • meditation guidance • astral travel training 

private consultations • group workshops, courses & retreats

What's Happening:
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Open your channel to receive and share this powerful healing energy.

Throughout the course you'll receive four reiki attunements, enabling you to channel and sense this powerful healing energy.


Saturday July 6

10am - 4pm

Private Course - max 3 people

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Receive the reiki practitioner attunements, and further open yourself to the flow of reiki. You'll learn the reiki symbols and how to integrate them into treatments as well as your life.


New Dates Coming Soon!

10am - 4pm

Private Courses at times to suit you.

astral travel workshop july 13, greg doyle.png

Join Greg for this practical and highly transformative, half-day workshop that will explain the astral experience and assist you in developing this innate sense.

Brisbane & Anywhere

Saturday July 13

1pm - 5pm

max 7 participants in person

Through my writing, energy work and experience of other realms and dimensions, I'm here to remind you that you are one magnificent piece of work.
You are an unfathomably beautiful multi-dimensional being capable of tapping into the very heart and mind of the universe and creating the reality you want. I know this because I have seen it, been it, felt it and experienced it. 




Around twenty years ago, a light woke my consciousness up while I was sleeping...and changed my life. 


Now you're going to have to read further.


What I offer you are very real things. We all have astral bodies that are able to separate from our physical bodies and explore the universe. Through having had first-hand experience of this I can help activate this body within you and teach you techniques with which to access these ultra-real and fascinating dimensions. I've personally experienced past lives, extraterrestrial intelligence, foreign worlds and met wonderful beings through this process. The sticking point to it all is that these realities are so real, that it will change the entire way you look at and interact with the world around you. It will alter your very concept of being. As an astral travel teacher, it's thoroughly rewarding and exciting to see my students make their first astral travel/astral projection breakthrough. And once that initial, mind-blowing, first-hand connection to the greater realms is made, there's simply no going back! You can learn astral travel, or astral projection, either individually or in a group in the various astral travel workshops and astral travel courses on offer. 


As a direct result of these astral experiences, I became fascinated with energy, the mind-body connection, and who we think we are. In 2005 I became a reiki master and teacher of the Usui reiki method, delving deeper into the mysteries of this powerful healing modality. Reiki is a healing modality that enables me, the reiki practitioner/reiki master, to stream chi, or universal life energy, through to you putting you into a very deep meditative state, enabling the natural healing process to accelerate and to flow into the areas you need it most. A reiki session will help balance you—mind, body and soul. The benefits of reiki are many and profound, including relaxation and deep healing, and you'll feel the delicious flow of this healing energy for days! Learning reiki may also be something for you. Individual and group classes are always on offer, for reiki level 1, reiki level 2, and the reiki master level. Learn reiki for self-healing, distant healing (remote healing), as well as learn to channel this innate healing stream of universal life energy to others. It will change not only your life for the better, and that of your loved ones as well!


I've also found meditation to be an invaluable tool not only to access latent potential, but also to refresh and revitalise our energy systems as well as promoting a general sense of overall well being. As a meditation teacher, I work with you to tailor meditation methods that suit your personality and level of experience. Learning meditation is not difficult, and soon you'll begin to crave its space and embrace, as well as the myriad of health benefits, including greater calm, contentment, and quality of sleep. Go within to find your bliss.

I'm very excited to introduce the PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machine to my modalities. The PandoraStar is a powerful neuro-stimulating light device designed to entrain your brain, expand your mind and assist you in exploring consciousness. I've personally experienced fantastic results with the light and am finding it to be a wonderful tool in helping clients generate profound meditation states ideal for deepening their personal and spiritual development practices. Sinking into the ecstasy of the lights, while floating in the immensely comfortable, NASA designed, zero gravity 'Perfect Chair,' and you'll soon be on a journey through time, space and sacred geometry, in all its beauty and vibrancy of colour. A session under the PandoraStar can leave you feeling a sense of awe and optimism, opening your senses to a new and inviting realm of possibilities! 

I've also recently added a Vibro-acoustic SoundLounge to the studio. Vibroacoustic therapy passes sound waves directly through the body effecting healing on a deep cellular level. A session on the SoundLounge is not only immensely peaceful and relaxing, but also transformative, as it works directly on the autonomic nervous system, and will leave you feeling the gentle and peaceful vibratory waves for some time afterwards. It really is an experience of pure and delightful surrender.

See Greg speak about his astral experiences at the Paradigm Shift Summit at the Gold Coast, Australia,
in August 2016
You see, we are so much more that what we think we are... 


Awakening the Giant Within: A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms is my first book (published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House) and is about my spiritual awakening. It grew from me wanting to share with my fellow human beings these most unusual and transformative experiences that began to occur so spontaneously. Even if you have absolutely no leaning towards the subject of astral travel, you may just find it an entertaining read. 


You'll also find recent articles I've written for alternative magazines on the subjects of complementary therapy, astral travel, consciousness and spirituality, as well as recent radio and youtube interviews along with downloadable astral travel meditations.


Enjoy the website and subscribe for updated event and course dates, free astral travel tips and more!


As well as treating clients with energy healing I also teach:

  • reiki 

  • meditation 

  • astral projection

to both individuals and classes, in Brisbane, Interstate and online.

I also offer Workplace Wellness Packages bringing meditation, energy balancing, and well being into your business.

Other complementary therapies such as Light sessions under the transformative PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machine are now also available, as well as the immensely relaxing vibratory frequencies of the SoundLounge.

Want to know more about me? Click here.

Hey Greg, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the reiki treatment!! What ever you shifted yesterday is incredibly powerful!

I feel tearful today at how amazing I feel.

I felt so good I threw my trainers on and went for a jog!! I haven’t been able to do that for a very long time with the chronic fatigue! Thank you!


You do have magic in those hands 🙏✨

Alex - Brisbane

Greg is an absolutely AMAZING teacher, mentor and healer! I have been going to Greg for reiki for over a year now and my experiences with him have been nothing short of MAGICAL and SO MUCH MORE than I’ve encountered anywhere else.


Along with receiving regular reiki sessions, I have also experienced the amazing benefits of the Pandora Star light therapy which is surprisingly powerful and leaves you feeling happy and in a heightened state of bliss.


I have also completed my reiki level 1 and 2 training with him and highly recommend Greg if you are interested in learning this beautiful healing modality. He is one of the most unique, genuine, joyful, thoughtful and compassionate souls I have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with.


If you haven’t had an energy healing session with Greg yet please do yourself a favour and book in to see him ASAP! I cannot recommend this man and his potent energy medicine enough!!!

Georgia - Brisbane

Just a quick note to give you some feedback on the reiki treatment you 

gave me.


Am having amazing, almost delirious energy surges still coming in waves...

I woke in the morning with the feeling of compressed time and fleeting imagery and for the whole of that day every sense was off the chart and I was having amazing telepathic clarity.

Thank you for the experience! 

Leonie - Brisbane

I first came to Greg in November 2020 a very clouded person. I was at a point in my life where I was riddled with anxiety and all the physical symptoms that came along with it. I was having nerve pain, muscle cramps and panic attacks almost every night.


So I thought- why not give reiki a go?


The day after my reiki session it was almost as if my tunnel vision had gone away. I was able to feel, breathe and appreciate everything—I felt like myself again. My nerve pain and muscle cramps vanished, panic attacks stopped.


Greg gave me the ability to reset and move on. I have been back since and will continue to go.


Thank you Greg!

Jasmine - Brisbane

I had a serious debilitating back condition and I sought Greg's help with a Distant Reiki session, I just wish I had contacted him much earlier because after the first session the condition improved to the point where I could discard completely the strong medication I was using and haven't used since. 


More importantly, Greg gives you through Reiki the spiritual tools to heal yourself and improve your life physically & spiritually, words cannot express how grateful I am to him, a genuine, kind and truly caring guy.

Mike - UK

Hi Greg, many thanks for your astral projection workshop last night. I took your advice & enjoyed my first amazing astral travel experiences​ last night & early this morning—just awesome! Will continue this practice & further develop this phenomenon. 

Joseph - Brisbane

I'm finding the chakra breathing cleanse that Greg taught us in his Astral Projecton workshops amazing. Definitely feel the difference. It seems to put me in a meditative state in which I am finding it easier to go deeper with my meditation, this then leads to a conscious OBE which hasn't happened to me until I've been practicing this technique.

Sarah- Brisbane

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting an Astral Travel workshop with Greg. The weekend booked out very quickly with the absolute excitement of learning, (or remembering), how to astral travel.


The participants in the workshop were so happy with the weekend that they have asked us to host another here in Orange NSW. Greg is a beautiful man with so much experience and knowledge from his personal journey.


I felt informed, and totally mystified with the new learning. Greg explained every thing so well, taking us on a journey into realms I had not entered in the past. I can't wait to have him back in Orange for another weekend workshop.

PJ - Orange

What a brilliant Reiki course, Greg! I was constantly amazed over the two days how information and insights, from all different areas of learning throughout my life, came together so effortlessly in the vessel that is reiki healing energy.


It was a very comforting and energy filled weekend with lovely people. I really appreciate your care and understanding and ability to intuitively address areas of interest. It was a completely engaging experience, I'd recommend it to anyone.


A heartfelt thanks to you and Monika for providing beautiful space for us to explore this wonderful complementary therapy!



Cherie - Brisbane

If you're new to Astral Travel, or if you're like me and you've had an experience but for some reason cannot find your way back to exploring these states, I highly recommend Greg Doyle's online course on Astral Travel.

It had been some time since I had an experience of awareness outside the body. After taking Greg's online course I had my first experience that day! 
I can't say that will happen to everyone but I can say that it does testify to the how effective the course is. I had an experience before even finishing the course... 

Greg is helping all of us realise we are more than our physical bodies. And that's a good matter who you are.

Joe Rupe
Host of Lighting The Void

Joe - Arkansas

Astral travelling has been a big part of my life and is nothing new to me. However leaving the body through conscious will definitely is! 

Greg's online astral travel course has given me many lovely meditations to practice that help me to focus on the job at hand properly. The information he shares is very valuable because this type of training is rare. I have searched for over 23 years to find a teacher who focuses on my favourite subject! To me, this course  is priceless! 

Within 5 days of starting Greg's course I experienced an out-of-body that had a huge spiritual meaning that had the answers to a life long struggle. Very enlightening and healing! 
I appreciate how long it takes to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Greg's training would have been so welcomed 23 years ago! 
Better late than never!"

Maree Faint
The Healers Hut for Women Psychic Tarot Healing

Maree - Queensland

I recently attended an Astral Travel Weekend Workshop facilitated by Greg Doyle which exceeded all of my expectations.


The two days flew by and I wished I could've grabbed hold of the moments and stretched them out ... didn't want it to end!


Great information and clear and concise delivery by Greg, whose crystal bowl playing skills take you to another place!


Can't wait for Greg's next visit and will be signing up for the next workshop as soon as the date is announced!

Paula - Orange

Thanks again for the (reiki) healing energy treatment yesterday.


Woke up this morning feeling super clear and still. I felt like my mind had taken about 3 giant steps into the background - so lovely after the way I was feeling yesterday afternoon. I also had an extremely vivid dream last night which I find is always a good representation of how present I am within my body and how quiet my mind is. 


Just felt to share that with you because I felt it was a really worthwhile session.

Eliza - Byron Bay

Just wanted to tell you how amazing I feel (after the reiki treatment). My thoughts seem clearer, I'm more focused and generally happier with a greater sense of well being.

Jhi - Brisbane

Sleeping sounder when I sleep (after the PandoraStar Light Session). Not getting as tired when staying up past normal time and finding 3-5 hours sleep OK if I do stay up too late. Handling stress better & decision making is improving. Loosing interest in much of the negative stuff in life. 

Douglas - Brisbane

About Greg

Greg has been a reiki master since 2005, and specializes in energy healing and teaching astral projection, lucid dreaming, reiki and related topics. He has also written a popular book on the subject "Awakening the Giant Within: A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms," which details his spiritual awakening and experiences in the astral world. Greg is currently writing a second book on the same subject. 

As a former professional classical musician, Greg first discovered meditation primarily to combat stage fright. In 1999, he awakened to the reality of the phenomenon of astral projection. This was a life changing experience that expanded his consciousness, changed the course of his career and altered the perception of his being at a fundamental level. 

 Based in Brisbane, Australia, he holds reiki courses, astral travel workshops, talks and retreats, as well as meditation classes and offers healing sessions as a reiki master in the Usui lineage of reiki

Astral awareness can help you lose the f
Enjoy the website and subscribe for updated event and course dates, free astral travel tips and more!

Greg Doyle  

Bardon, QLD 4065

0466 188 998

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