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Astral Travel Meditations - Beginnings

Downloadable Meditations to Activate Your Astral Body


Stir Your Astral Body Into Conscious Motion


These meditations are specifically aimed at unblocking fear associated with the astral experience and allowing the dormant astral senses to awaken. Through chakra cleansing, relaxation and visualisation, your hidden body begins to activate, taking you on a journey into the very heart of your cosmological being.


These meditations can be experienced separately, but are designed optimally to be listened to in the order they are listed, and in conjunction with each other.


Track 3: Astral Body Awareness & Exploration - 22mins

Become aware of your astral limbs and unified astral sense. Begin to explore your surroundings with this greater clarity and mind. Sense the natural world around you with precision, beauty and a vastly fuller sense of being.

This meditation is ideally done lying down.

Beginnings - Track 3: Astral Body Awareness & Exploration

  • A guided meditation with Greg Doyle. 

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