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Astral Travel Workshop

Astral Travel Workshop - Sydney

Where   To Be Announced

When    To Be Announced

Join Greg for this practical and highly transformative, full-day workshop that will explain the astral experience and assist you in developing this innate sense. We all have astral bodies, yet they mostly lie dormant within our energy fields. Learn how to activate this hidden body into conscious awareness, travel the cosmos, release the fear of death, and experience this greater aspect of being.
As a former professional classical musician, Greg first discovered meditation primarily to combat stage fright. In 1999, he awakened to the reality of the phenomenon of astral projection. This was a life changing experience that expanded his consciousness, changed the course of his career and altered the very perception of his being at a fundamental level. 


Astral travel/projection is a natural sense that lies dormant in most of us. It is the conscious connection to the greater universal consciousness and aspects of our higher selves. It is not unnatural and need not be feared. It is a powerful and effective tool for personal transformation, in that it is fully experiential (not a belief or dogma) and so increases one's sense of "knowing" as distinct from "having learned."


• Explore the nature of the out-of-body experience, as in: what is actually happening.
• Discuss, isolate and dispel the many fears associated with the experience.
• Look at the potential of the experience as a tool for expansion and transformation.
• Present meditations, visualisations and exercises that will help you gain awareness of the conscious astral body.
• Learn how to interact with the astral realms.


• Loss of fear and reactivity.
• Recognition of innate human happiness.
• Awareness of our eternality.
• Increase in general trust and faith.
• Recognition of the actuality and truth of guidance in our life.
• Increased flow of healing life-force energy and awakening of the subtle senses.
• Releasing your creative potential.

The workshop will be interactive, and is aimed at you gaining skills in activating your astral body and raising your vibrational frequency. The meditations and mat exercises will be interspersed by feedback and discussion. You can also read Greg's book 'Awakening the Giant Within: A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realmsto have a better understanding of the topic and his relationship to it.  
I'll also be bringing the PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machine along for those of you who'd like to try it. A powerful neuro-stimulating light device, the PandoraStar is designed to train your brain, expand your mind and assist you in exploring consciousness. PandoraStar facilitates any brainwave state from 0.1 Hz to 200 Hz with its unique sequencing and stroboscopic light array, creating infinite possibilities for deep level entrainment and meditative spiritual practices.

Hi Greg, many thanks for your astral meditations last night. I took your advice & enjoyed my first amazing astral travel experiences​ last night & early this morning—just awesome! Will continue this practice & further develop this phenomenon. — Joseph, Brisbane

I'm finding the chakra breathing cleanse that Greg taught us in his Astral Projecton workshops amazing. Definitely feel the difference. It seems to put me in a meditative state in which I am finding it easier to go deeper with my meditation, this then leads to a conscious OBE which hasn't happened to me until I've been practicing this technique. — Sarah, Sunshine Coast

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, and bring an eye mask or light scarf if you have one. Please bring your own lunch. Yoga mats, bolsters and blankets, as well as morning & afternoon tea, will be provided.

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

$290 per person. Pay deposit below to secure your place (remember to click on time in booking process).
BONUS OFFER: All participants who attend the workshop will have the opportunity of receiving Astral Travel - A Breakthrough Online Course at 50% off the regular price!
This is an exclusive event as there are limited spaces available. Book online now to ensure your place. Tickets will not be available at the door. The workshop begins at 9am sharp.

For more information on the event contact Greg
See the event on facebook.
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