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Astral Travel Retreat - 'A 2 Day Immersive Experience'

Date & Time
Saturday March 25 & Sunday
 March 26 
9am - 6pm both days

Bardon QLD 4065

A 2 Day Astral Travel Immersion


Join me for this 2 day non-residential retreat where we'll dive deep into the astral phenomenon, exploring techniques, protocols and meditative practices that will assist you in developing this transformative multi-dimensional sense.

The venue will be my studio in Bardon, a very peaceful location set in the trees at the foot of Mt Coot-tha Forest, and just 6 km from Brisbane’s CBD. The retreat will be capped at 6 adventurous souls only. Lunch and afternoon tea both days will be lovingly and deliciously catered for by the team from Yoke, based in West End.


As well as guidance in astral travel meditation and techniques, there’ll be sound healing session on the Sunday with the wonderful Katie from VibroSound Healing to assist you in relaxing and expanding into astral awareness.

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What's Included:
  • Teaching, discussion, meditation & astral travel technique sessions with Greg—all formulated to guide and assist you in understanding and becoming more proficient as a 'conscious' astral traveller/astral projector.

    • What exactly is astral travel?​

    • Release blockages to enable the experience.

    • Chakra cleansing and energy centre activation.

    • Guided breathwork to clear and raise your vibrational state.

    • Sound meditations to help activate the astral sense.

    • Learn how to cultivate a lucid and singular mind (and how to lucid dream).

    • Tune into and cultivate the conscious presence of guides.

    • Learn how to initiate healing through the lucid dream state.

    • Manifestation through the astral experience.

    • Cultivate the preemptive mind/body within.

    • Tap into the conscious flow state that is the embodiment of astral awareness.

    • Experience heightened states of awareness and have a lot of fun in the process!

  • A utterly relaxing guided sound healing session to conclude the weekend with the magically metaphysical Katie from VibroSound Healing. She'll join me on Sunday with her crystal bowls and more to take you on a journey out of this world, to reconnect to your 'truer' sense of self. 

  • A healthy & high vibe lunch & afternoon tea prepared both days by the wonderful team from Yoke. Food prepared locally and lovingly to balance your energy centres and prime your subtle bodies.

  • Connect with like-minded people in a secure, healing and peaceful space.


  • A 5 x weekly video and preparation package emailed to you beginning 5 weeks prior to the retreat to give you the optimum chance at cultivating astral awareness.

 We all astral travel when we sleep. It’s a natural form of expansion and knowledge gathering from the cosmos. The trick is, to remember... 

Busting Down The Doors

The retreat will be a hands-on intensive experience, ideally suited to those wishing to make a genuine breakthrough with their awareness, stilling their mind and achieving a singularity of consciousness that is pivotal in activating the conscious astral body, Part of this process will be releasing, or diminishing, 'the narrator'—the ever-pervading internal chatterbox that plays the art of distractor so masterfully in your life. When the torch of constant awareness is shone within, relentlessly, the shadows dissipate. And so it is with the egos within that would prefer you remain in the realms of suffering. The attainment of this 'equanimity' is accessible to all, and the truest gift of astral (or multidimensional) awareness. 

Greg Doyle

Click on image above to know more about your host, Greg Doyle

The healing that accompanies such exploration is profound, in that it comes from within (is no add-on) and is therefore all the more lasting and liberating. If you feel called to discover more of who you are and wish to tap into this dormant well of potential within you, please join Greg for what guarantees to be an exciting, challenging, joyful and enlightening adventure!


 I recently attended Greg’s 3 night retreat at Pullenvale and my life has not been the same since. I left the retreat feeling more relaxed, and wholesome than I could have imagined after such a short time. When I entered the retreat I felt burnt out and frazzled from chronically overworking and I wasn’t sure I would be able to meditate to my full potential straight away. Greg had devised the perfect program for the few days I was there, and I was blown away at how quickly I settled in. The schedule was perfectly laid out and very easy to follow. Greg has a calming influence and his knowledge and support is truly next level. Since leaving the retreat I have a thirst for more OBE, and I feel adequately equipped and trained following my time with Greg to continue to develop and hopefully one day master these experiences. I thoroughly recommend one of Greg’s retreats, and will myself attend another one soon. — Chezzi, NSW

Thank you Greg for this wonderful consciousness enriching retreat. Your expert guidance, and beautifully curated meditation attunements were deeply healing and relaxing. Furthermore your skillful techniques, wisdom and playful humour on this retreat were most helpful  for creating the ultra perfect conditions for accessing an out-of-body state. Your astral retreats are definitely an excellent way to experiment in expanding one's consciousness and joyfully delight in the deeper mysteries of who we are as soul beings. — Marina, Gold Coast

I'd love to share a bit more about what the actual benefits of being able to astral travel are, as the whole purpose of the weekend is for you to actually experience the astral state for yourselves:

First, and all experienced travellers attest to this, you lose the fear of death. It's a thing. It seems that having this fuller experience of yourself, which is endemic to the astral experience, gifts you of this release. You just know your an immortal soul, literally. You experience this realisation firsthand. It's nothing to do with believing, thinking, or dogma. It's a knowing. And for some reason this affords you a tremendous lightness of being. Just like that! It's instant. The first time you experience yourself outside of your physical body, consciously, you just know. If I could jump from the rooftops and announce the gloriousness of astral wakefulness to the world, this realisation would be it.


Second, the experience of and knowing of (once again) the existence of actual guides as beings. What can I say? Amazing! Ridiculously amazing and far out. And very New Agey! Yet true! They're there. We all have them. Astral awareness seems to gift us with a clearer perception and working relationship with them. And you learn to cultivate that relationship. Every day I talk to them. Not only that, one of them is an ex-human who seems to age alongside me in earth years. She's there! She pops up every now and then (as in my mind wakes up and perceives her, while my physical body sleeps) and she offers her piece, perhaps some advice to a life matter, or astral technique, and she's real. As real as day. The notion of free will alters over time, with these experiences, and you learn to trust the tides of life. You experience this reality from an expanded perspective which is phenomenally liberating.


Third, the experience and knowing of past, or other, lives. Massive. For some reason, your sense of self receives a kind of karmic rinse when you experience this. Brought up as a catholic, this notion certainly wasn't on my radar. It seems a lot of our collected trauma (generational and karmic) is flushed from our systems when we experience past lives. It just happens. That's what I've felt. And once again, it's nothing to do with being clever. A visceral and energetic release simply occurs on the experience of it. Puzzling, but also utterly beautiful and liberating!


Fourth, the meeting and interaction with archetypal entities and beings that mirror your shadow aspects. Wow. This is something that just happens out there. And they'll confront you in some way. You see when we astrally project—as in poke our mortal awareness into these higher vibratory frequencies of ourselves—we naturally 'resonate' the signal we're carrying (our energetic signature, if you like) into these realms that immediately manifest beings, creatures, archetypal entities as embodied aspects of our unconscious states that need healing. And once again, it's a thing. It's part of the whole win-win scenario of astral wakefulness. The awakened astral mind, body, whatever you want to call it, is an aspect of our truer, higher self, calling us to evolve to the next level. In the beginning, I'd be afraid of these sometimes scary entities. I'd whack em. Cuss em. Recite all sorts of strange liturgy. Until it dawned on me what they were, instinctively, in the astral. And them I began to merge with them, as strange as that sounds. It just happened. And I felt this enormous bliss surge through me when I lost the fear of them, of these deep, unknown places of myself, in fact. And once again, liberation follows.


Fifth, and the last one I'll mention for now, is the awakening, or lucidity, of your dream body, or mind: essentially, being able to lucid dream is a wondrous side effect of astral awareness. They're fingers on the same hand. Recognising the parallels and patterns of dream lives and third dimensional lives gifts you great insights into the nature and dynamics of reality. You begin to release the drama of realities, which in turn enables you to recognise and dissolve karmic patterns, debt, immediately. And this is where the true power of astral awareness, manifestation, begins to step in. You see, the astral realms are the preemptive realms—beyond time and space. And it's here where you're able to shape, in very real and physical terms, your present, your future, your life.

astral travel retreats with reiki master greg doyle

And that is the purpose of this retreat: to have the time, space and tools to really delve into the heart of this experience. I'll also be incorporating the frequency technologies of crystal bowl sound healing and reiki to help tune up your field and release what doesn't serve you. 

It's time to reclaim your power and awaken

into fifth dimensional consciousness

This exclusive and transformative retreat is offered to 6 participants only.

Secure your place now for Astral Travel 'A 2 Day Immersion!'


9am - 6pm both days


March 25 & 26, 2023



15 Bardon Esplanade, Bardon QLD 4065

*Once you've paid your deposit of $250, you will receive a confirmation email with the bank transfer details for the remaining balance of $800.

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