Astral Sound Retreat

Astral Sound Retreat

Where   Harmonic Earth, Yandina QLD 4561

When    Friday 5pm - Saturday 5pm.  Dates to be announced.


Astral travel is the ability to consciously leave your body. The sound of the Crystal Armonica activates this process through its use of frequencies to unblock energy pathways.

Learn techniques, meditations and release subconscious programming—and experience an astral awakening.
We all astral travel when we sleep. It’s a natural form of expansion and knowledge gathering from the cosmos. The trick is to remember.

The architect of the cosmos is sound. The sacred sounds of the 432Hz didj and the Crystal Armonica will awaken the powerful innate senses we all have and also ignite and empower a clearer connection with your higher consciousness and the greater reality. 

Greg Doyle is the author of “Awakening the Giant Within - a Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms" which details his experiences in the astral world. He holds astral travel workshops and consultations, as well as meditation classes and offers healing sessions as a reiki master in Brisbane. For more info about Greg go to

Greg is working with
Phil Foord and Chiho Kagawa of Armonica Sound Healing. They have been offering their unique sound healing in Australia and overseas. The predominant overtones of the Armonica (1000–4000 Hz), activates the pineal gland known as the 6th chakra (third eye) elevating one into a deeper consciousness.

The overnight retreat offers accommodation on site and vegetarian meals on 10 acres of tranquil forest, an ideal setting for you to experience this training.
This exclusive program is offered to 8 participants only. The retreat begins at 5pm on the Friday and runs until 5pm on Saturday. It's highly recommended that you prepare for this by eating light meals and avoiding alcohol a few days before. Please bring a water bottle and yoga mat.


* Booking is essential as this is an exclusive event. 
Book at
(go to group services).

Dates to be announced.
Harmonic Earth, Yandina (Sunshine Coast). Address is given on booking.
$265 per person. Book your deposit here (go to group services).

-Astral travel instruction, exercises, meditations, discussion
-Armonica Sound Healing 
-Accommodation (2 or 3 single beds in 1 room, shared bathroom)
-light vegetarian meals 

Greg -
Chiho & Phil -
0424594549 (phil)
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